Brain-Body Wellness Program

Because of the gained knowledge via my wife's certifications, personal research and business development over the past years, we felt encouraged to change our diet and lifestyle.

These changes and adding the GYROTONIC® Movements, have helped me to sustain a very active / healthy lifestyle.

I now have so much energy and stamina compared to 15 years ago.

My concentration and overall mental clarity have given me a much needed business equalizer.


Physically my eyesight has improved from +475 since high school to +400 now.

My lower back and sciatica had bothered me since the early 90s., thank you for eliminating all back pain and showing me how to maintain good skeletal health.

George Deoca

Owner of

Electric Specialties and Controls INC.

Co-owner of,

Solaris Solutions LLC

Living at Home Services LLC

6 - 9 Month Customized Program

18 Health & Wellness Coaching Sessions

4 Support Emails

2 Specialized Movement Sessions


Exclusive add-on option:

24 Brain-Body Physical Sessions | $1,200.00

( $50.00 Discounted Rate, Per Session )

Visit "Brain-Body Mini Series" or "Staycations" page, for additional options.


A State of the Art dynamic, well rounded and unrivaled 6-9 month educational experience. We have no doubt that our Brain-Body Wellness Program will have a significant positive impact not only on your own well-being. Applied with diligence it will have a far reaching and positive ripple effect on your entire family. 

We offer you and your family an incredible program and significant education, with substantial potential of unsurpassed measures.

It is recommend that the main caretaker of the family enrolls into the Brain-Body Wellness Program. This person can then in turn, with knowledge gained, engage and reeducate the entire family. Knowledge and tools gained will truly self-empower you to take the reins of your and your families wellbeing, back into your hands.


The Brain-Body Program addressing as needed systematically all incorporated areas of the Physical - Cognitive - Social - Emotional - Intellectual - Creative - Spiritual aspects within our scope. We are supporting our clients in finding balanced health and wellness in their life, and as applicable that of their family members. 

A process of, 

  • Exploration | Goal-Setting | Education | Preparation | Commitment | Action

  • Detoxing = Household - Pantry - Emotionally - Physically - Lifestyle - Spirituality & Beliefs

  • Unlocking Personal Potential | Balancing | Restoring Well-being

  • Whenever our clients are ready, we are ready to team up with them renewed to detect and stakeout new areas of focus and support. We always educate and encourage the elevation of reaching new plateaus in their life’s.


   Start Your New Life Today!  


$2,560.00 | in house payment plan


$2,460.00 with advanced PayPal payment options below

(full payment option/offers PayPal payment option) 


Exclusive Add-On

Discounted Rate 24 Brain-Body Physical Sessions | $50.00 Each | $85.00 Regular Rate

Valid for 9 Month from time of purchase!

Flat Fee $1,200.00

In house payment plan at same cost 

By appointment only!

Please visit our "Single Sessions" page, to schedule the first session, or give us a call.

24 hour sign up and cancellation deadline is in place for all sessions and services!

This Bundle offer is Non-Refundable and Expire after 9 Months.

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Visit our Wellness Intensives, Brain-Body Miniseries and pages, for more options.

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