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Children's Wellbeing Courses

Baby & Me

Gain Confidence & Skills Today
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Baby & Me - Great For First-Time Parents


Discover Our Natural Engaging Neuroplastic Movement Approach

Over generations Baby Massage, Gymnastics and Tummy Time, developed in many countries around the world into a stable and vital part of infant and baby care.


A vital component in the support of neuroplastic-learning and infant development, these therapeutic movements are experienced by the infant through a playful passive practice. 


To this day these specialized techniques are implemented into most of Europe's professional curriculums, involved with infant care. They have and will continue to boost the development of the many infants receiving this special care.


Baby & Me sessions offers support for you and your child up to your baby's crawling stage, at about 6-10 month of age.


  • Learn many specialized European techniques

  • Explore and develop nurturing skills in a safe environment

  • Tune into your child’s world

  • Positively affects mother's mood

  • Establish a bonding relationship

  • Gain understanding of how your child, sees, hears, smells, moves and touches

  • Gain insight on crucial functions of the nervous system

  • Promote proper development

  • Baby’s natural movement development will be supported and gently stimulated


At Connective Wellbeing we offer you a safe and supportive environment in which you can gain understanding, as you practice to implement these techniques with confidence in support of your baby's development. As with all services offered at Connective Wellbeing, you will find a patient, balanced and well-rounded educational environment.


These sessions have many benefits, some are listed here:

  • Strengthens muscles

  • Promotes natural mobility

  • Supports and nurtures a holistic development

  • First communication skills are nurtured and further developed

  • Helps babies to better know their body 

  • Loving skin and eye contact promotes bonding

  • Develops and nurtures first communication skills

  • Talking and singing to your baby promotes eye contact 

  • Stimulates the Senses and promotes Reflex and Sensory integration

  • Decreases stress hormones in the baby's blood 

  • Loving attention strengthens your baby's confidence in his environment 

  • Promotes better sleep and calmness

Single sessions $85.00 per hour

We offer economic prices on our "Discounts" page.

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Holistic Development Sessions

Grow | Find Hope | Embrace Your Future
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Holistic Developmental Sessions

These sessions aim to help balance out the many challenges a person may be faced with every day.


Although this service is mainly for children, the focused time spent during these private sessions can be fine-tuned and useful to adult clients recovering from strokes or other injuries.


Some benefits may be,

  • Improved Self-confidence 

  • Thought Processing

  • Reasoning

  • Problem Solving

  • Independent Thinking 

  • Focus, Organization, Comprehension, Memory

  • Decision Making

  • Emotional Self-regulation

  • Boosting Fine & Large Motor Abilities

  • New Gained Balance

  • Enhanced Communication Skills


We draw consistently from educational, professional and life experiences to help lessen and close developmental gaps in each person. Our educational approach additionally implements an experiential and intuitive style.


Session may incorporate the following along with others, 

  • Age-appropriate Play & Games

  • Rhythmical Musical Education

  • Large and Small Motor Education & Activities

  • Playful, Engaging Art & Language Education


The whole person, as well as their environment, is always taken into account to meet each person at their current stage of development, and to determine their needs and how to best further support each person.


The main focus, as with all of our services, is on the individuals Cognitive, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Physical, Artistic, Creative and Spiritual Wellbeing and potential at large.

Single sessions $85.00 per hour

We offer economic prices on our "Discounts" page.

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Music Instruments and Props, for Rhythmic Movement / Developmental Sessions


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