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Starter Package
What is currently positive and helpful for our health and wellness, let's improve.
What's currently not so helpful,
let's elevate it to a better wellness supporting plateau of lifestyle.

A year from now you wish you would have started today,


Change is in you

Change is possible for you!

It all comes back to the proper nervous system function or the lack thereof.

You do not need to get ready or condition yourself in order to come in and see us, or Zoom with us today!

Come as you are!

Boost your own innate healing capabilities and let your new healthier lifestyle, your wellness adventure, begin today.


We will take the adequate time needed
to get to know you!​

You are unique and so are your needs to

improved wellness lifestyle.


Uncover hindrances and discover hidden potentials perhaps previously thought not possible. 

Our work at Connective Wellbeing is non medical and all inclusive of the entire nervous system.

A complete holistic approach of fortifying and building up, of the entire nervous system. 

We meet and work with each person on an individual level, with aim of boosting developmental potential of;



Social - Emotional




Others in the past might have shied away, don't embark on this adventure on your own. 

Gain restful assurance, reliable personalized support.

Elevate inner peace, confidence and hope in accomplishing your goals, so you can catapult forward.

2 1/2 hours, at $179.00

(reg. $120.00 per hour)


  • Assessment & Initial Lifestyle Review

  • Explore & start to understand your Neurological System ​via Movements (Vagal-Health Starts Here)

  • Navigate your Personalized Wellness Plan

  • Resource Handouts (as available)

  • Recommendations

Additional Payment Option:

Monthly Maintenance

Build To Suit Options

Three Month Minimum Interval - Commitment of 2-3 Services Per Month

(Priced per person/session)

Additional Payment Option:

** Pamper Me Combo

VIP Bundle Offer

5 X Detoxing = Wellness


  • Up to 3 Pure Certified Therapeutic Grade Oils​​

  • Chromotherapy

  • Ceramic Panels

  • Towel Service

  • Organic Coconut Water

        (with availability)

25% Off   VIP Discount


Far Infrared Therapy

Our VIP 5 packs are available for;

  • Seniors 60 and older, Hairstylists, Healthcare Workers, Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and those exposed to heavy toxins everyday, in order to provide us with a better lifestyle.

  • Your first Trial-Session is always $10.00 per person

  • In addition we offer our regular clients standard discounts, for same household family members. 

         ( 2 adults / with up to  2 children per session )

Some restrictions apply, Learn More

Total $103.10  /  $20.62 each

(Regular VIP single sessions $22.50 / Additional person up to a total of three, always at $10.00 p.p./session)

Valid for 2 Month

Additional Payment Option:

Use Them Until They're Gone

2 Choices

Expire After 4 Month

Option 1

32 Standard Private Sessions

Usable for, 

(GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Therapeutic Movements & Neonatal Reflex and Sensory Integration work)

  (reg. $85.00 per session)

  • Full payment $1,283.20 (equals $40.10 per session)

  • 2 payments of $736.00  (equals $46.00 per session)

  • 4 monthly payments $384.00 (equals $48.00 per session) 

***Special Option / Pay 3-6 sessions ahead, at $50.00 each, until a total of $1600.00 is reached.



Option 2

20 Sessions

  • Far Infrared Therapy


(reg. $30.00 per session)

Payment options

  • Full payment $500.00 (equal $25 per session)


Aromatherapy (choose three, CPTG® Essential Oils)

Ceramic Panels


Towel Service

Organic Coconut Water (with availability)

Personalized Wellness Consults
2 Choices
  • Personal Wellness Consults  

  • Wellness Group Courses

Wellness Consults

Choose By Topic

2 1/2 hours each, at $179.00

Additional Topics

  • Digging Deeper - Uncover Root Causes: Body - Mind - Heart - Spirit - Story

  • New Vision-New Focus

  • Eating With 6 Month In Mind - Colorful Foods & Riche Textures

  • Healthier Choices - Healthy Adventures

  • Your Labs Said What? - Why Nothing Is Set In Stone

  • Connect the Dots - Lab Data & Your Lifestyle Choices

  • Create The Life You Want With Intention (Support Trauma Recovery, Forgive, Set Boundaries, Your Mirror Reflection & How To Exercise)

  • Living With Purpose & Joy Again - Cleansing The Code Webs

  • Movement - The Base Of Life - Nervous System - Stress & Effects - Reflex & Sensory Integration

  • Drop The Baggage - Drop The Pounds? Emotional Trauma - Physical Being - Cognitive Implications of Rehashing 

  • “Heart Surgery” Where Do You Live: Past - Present - Future? 

  • Find Your Breath - Diaphragm Function - Improve Digestive Function

  • My Feet - My Foundation, My Pelvic Floor - My Foundation , Lower-Limb Joint Lubrication

Take Charge Of Your 

Health & Wellness! 

Let the adventure of a healthier you,

(reg. $120.00 per hour)

  • Ideal for those that would like to explore and choose from several topics without diving deep.

  • Perfect also for those desiring to explore how they can improve Biomarkers


  • Resource Handouts (as available)

  • Recommendations

Additional Payment Option:

Available Topics

  • What’s in Your Pantry?

  • Navigate the Store

  • Pee-Yew - Household Cleaning Products - Saving Money With Safe Options

  • Personal Care Products

  • Linens - Mattress - Clothing

  • EMF’s - Fluorescent & Blue Lighting -

  • Your Sleep Sanctuary 

  • Sleep Quality - Relationships - Energy Level - Weight - Libido Level

  • Time Management & “Heart Surgery” - The “Why?” Behind Your “What?”

  • Positive Thoughts - Words - Attitude - Emotions - Emotional Connections - Behavior - Laugh-Love-Live Intently?

Wellness Group Courses 

4 Courses To Choose From

  • TWO-Client Minimum

  • Each course has 4 sessions / 1 hour each 

  • Choose a course, bring a friend and get a $20.00 credit

       (To be applied for one of our available services)

  • Build your single course of interest, by choosing 4 of our topics


  • Full payment $187.20 per person

  • 4 X weekly cash payments of $46.80 each, with in-house payment plan

Additional Payment Option:



Course 1

1. Beginning The Cleansing & Your Home Environment


  • Are There Healthier Household Product Options

  • Our Effective & Economic Ways To Drinking Clean Water


2. Starting To Detox & Cleanse Your Body Part 1


  • Far Infrared & Chromotherapy 

  • Your Hair Color - Not Your Friend?

  • Better Choices

3. On My Way To Great Sleep


  • The Biggest Hinderances Of Great Sleep

  • Following Jesus Example - Walking - Optimizing Sleep 

  • Tools & Resources For Better Sleep


4. What’s In Your Pantry? Part 1


  • …Or Not, That Should Be In It?

  • My Grandparents Eat Sugar, Butter, Gluten, … What Changed That I React To Them?

  • Everyone Talks About Keto?


Course 2

1. Start Conquering Fight-Or-Flight | Fear Paralyzes Reflex Response


  • Nervous System - Stress & Effects

  • Reflex & Sensory Integration

  • Learn To Relax Immensely - Simple Practical Applications

  • Drop The Baggage - Drop The Pounds?


2. Why Healing from Emotional Trauma is Key?


  • Checking The Heart & Identifying Emotional Trauma

  • Emotional Traumas - Physical Being - Cognitive Implications

  • Rehashing The Past & Not Letting Go

  • Past - Present - Future 

3. Digestion & The Big Meal Break


  • Chew!

  • Improve Digestive Function

  • Diaphragm Function

  • The Best Times To Eat & Not To Eat

4. What’s left to eat? Gut Repair & Microbiota


  • Eating For 6 Month At A Time?

  • Food Allergy Testing - Is It Good?

  • Eating Colors & Textures

  • Reflex & Sensory Needs


Course 3

1. Mitochondria What?


  • What Is It & Do I Need It?

  • Jesus Is The Light - Boost Cellular Function

  • Do I Need To Feed My Mitochondria


2. Are Supplements Better Than Food?


  • Food | Herbs | Homeopathic | Supplements

  • Yoyo Diets

3. What’s In Your Pantry? Part 2 


  • The Second Look To Deepen The Cleansing

  • Oldways - Is Eating Right A Methodology?

  • What’s Alkaline Food & Does It Target Fat Loss

  • The Last Bite At Night


4. Starting To Detox & Cleanse Your Body Part 2


  • What’s In Your Bathroom?

  • Tools To Navigate Your Next Product Purchase


Course 4

1. My Bathroom My Spa - Yes Please!


  • Enhance the Body's Natural Detox Process

  • Simple & Effective Ways - Activate Lymph System Function

  • Changes in Temperature Can Boost Healing


2. Conquer Fight-Or-Flight | Fear Paralyzes Reflex Response


  • The Powerful & Effective Art Of Not Engaging

  • My Inner Child Is Safe

  • Time & Stress Management - The “Why?” Behind Your “What?” 


3. GYROKINESIS® & GYROTONIC® Therapeutic Moments


  • My Feet - My Foundation

  • My Pelvic Floor - My Foundation

  • Lower-Limb Joint Lubrication 


4. Processing Emotional Trauma


  • Reflex & Sensory Integration

- Simple - Efficient         

- Boosts Metabolism

- Balancing & Calming  

- Restorative

- Supports Healthy Weight 

 -Therapeutic @ Any Age

…And So Much More