Insurance - Billing - Reimbursements

Insurance Consultation


We do not offer any medical evaluations, diagnostics or treatments and there is in general no insurance reimbursement for our services, nor do we bill any insurance company for you.


If your doctor prescribes Far/Infrared Therapy services, you could be eligible of using Insurance Reimbursement Code CPT 97026 




We accept Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) Members 


CHM is a Bible-based, voluntary medical cost sharing ministry. 


Members of CHM can find us after they have logged in, listed under


Visit How it works and then Provider & Services, to find our listing.

We offer CHM-members, the following options as self-pay clients:


  • Eligible for our professional discount (25% off) on Far Infrared & Chromotherapy services

  • Additionally a 25% discount on Connective Wellbeing's services, for charges over $50.00 USD

  • Prove of CHM Member Card required


Please contact your healthcare carrier should you be interested in reduced self-pay client privileges from us and inquire if they are interested in listing us.