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Informative Articles Of Therapeutic Rehabilitation Relating To Our Methodologies

( All information shared with full credit given to the work of the original authors. ) 

Personalized Health & Wellness Consults & Coaching

Harvard Health Publishing article about Health & Wellness Coaches stated that...

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training

Information about vitamin B 12 - Dr. Harald Blomberg, Psychiatrist

Phosphates - Dr. Harald Blomberg, Psychiatrist

The 3 Diagram Functions - Dr. Matthew J. Taylor 

Reflex and Sensory Integration - For any Age or Ability

The voice of parents who have used Rhythmic Movement Training with their child

Replicating Primary Reflex Movements - Improve Reading Ability

Neuro-Motor Maturity - Indicator of Developmental Readiness for Education


Dr. Harald Blomberg -Terapia movimiento rítmico en TDAH y TEA - IV Symposium AMYS 27/06/15 AmateTV

Introduction: English with Spanish subtitle:​

Full Version: Spanish with English subtitle:


  • Movements that Heal – Dr. Harald Blomberg, Psychiatrist and with Moira Dempsey, Developmental Kinesiologist

  • The Rhythmic Movement Method: A Revolutionary Approach to Improved Health and Well-Being - Dr. Harald Blomberg, Psychiatrist

  • Bewegungen, die heilen: Einfache Übungen für jedes Alter. RMT hilft bei ADHS, Lern- und Verhaltensproblemen - Dr. Harald Blomberg, Psychiatrist

  • Autismus ist heilbar: Rhythmisches Bewegungstraining und optimale Ernährung bei Autismus und ADHS - Dr. Harald Blomberg, Psychiatrist

  • Autism: A Path To Healing: A Holistic View on Autism, Environmental Factors, Diet and Rhythmic Movement Training - Dr. Harald Blomberg, Psychiatrist

  • Pain in the Muscles, Back and Joints, an Unnecessary Evil - Dr. Harald Blomberg, Psychiatrist



Far Infrared and Chromotherapy


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The GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methodologies

Spinal Fusion and the Road to Recovery  

Years of hard training, heavy lifting, ...I was horribly tight and inflexible 

From Walker to Upright

Wheelchair - Pain Medication - To Freedom! 

A Primary Treatment In a Successful Orthopedic Clinic 

Feel Amazing During and After Pregnancy 

Healing From Trauma With Movement 

Scoliosis, Back Surgery, Mastectomy 

Breaking the Cycle of Pain Pills 

Regaining Balance & Coordination

The Methods According to Physiotherapist

Working With Seniors

Movement In the Golden Years

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