A Duffel Bag for A Child in Need

The Duffel Bag Program is part of the Outreach Program of Connective Wellbeing LLC. The program is designed to bring some comfort to children when they most need it. Ready to go bags will get to the targeted age groups, handed out by direct involved agencies and organizations. This winter, babies are the exclusive targeted age group. Diaper bags will be filled at a future Duffel-Stuffel Event. Your donations of new baby items, such as diaper bags, blankets, clothing, etc are requested till January 15, 2017 For a complete list of items or to get involved, contact the owner of Connective Wellbeing LLC, Silke De Oca via 503-380-8737 or connectivewellbeing@gmail.com Monetary donations: Please make your donations out to GSM, with Duffel-Stuffel in memo area of check. Thank you!

Current drop-off locations are:

Connective Wellbeing LLC

9230 SW 74th Ave

Tigard, OR 97223 (By Appointment Only)

Needed Items for the Baby-Duffel Stuffel Event

Donations must be absolutely: New, clean, safe, smoke & BPA-free items!

Needed are:

-Duffel bags or diaper bags for boys and girls.

-Large amounts of left over fleece with age appropriate patterns, to make non sew flees blankets, approx. 30”x36”.

Various items as listed below, to be placed in diaper/duffel bags.

  • Small age appropriate and safe stuffed animals & soft toys

  • BPA free bathtub books, teething toys, etc

  • BPA free Baby bottles, sippy cups, baby food prep, etc

  • Clothing

  • Baby towels, washcloths, bibs & burp cloths, etc

  • Toiletries such as: Toothbrush, comb, brush, non-allergen diaper rash cream, baby wipes, etc

  • Pacifiers, thermometers, nail-clippers, etc

  • Blanket approx. 30”x36”


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