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Essential Oils For Your Home & Family

Many things can be said about the positive impacts of high quality Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Essential Oils

We are exposed to environmental toxins. Many come from neurotoxic fragrances and products we use daily.

We would do well in recognizing the importance, especially to the young brain and nervous system, of eliminating such stressors as much as possible out of our lives.

The implications of wide spread and most often unregulated toxic exposure can be staggering. A wide range of implications, from mental clarity, infertility, developmental implications, birth defects, depleted adrenals, to autoimmune diseases and beyond. 

Many of these toxins can accumulate in our bodies and despite our best efforts it is difficult to eliminate all exposure. Detoxing regularly is therefore recommended by many professionals these days. We see the need of detoxing as vital at Connective Wellbeing and to do so, on all connective levels of our being.

At Connective Wellbeing we set out together with our clients in a committed relationship between both parties, identifying the many stressors and dysfunctions

in their life’s. We then systematically not only eliminate, but educate and support our clients in how to successfully mend and avoid, the many injuries caused by stress to their nervous system.

​Our clients detoxing efforts are supported by us through our many service options. From our Wellness Success Protocols and Children's Wellbeing Courses, to our Support Services such as Far Infrared Therapy, Balance Me and others, we got you covered.

Our services have something available for the whole family.

Perfume FREE Zone!

Connective Wellbeing offers a perfume free environment and welcomes,

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Essential Oils

The high standards of these high quality CPTG Essential Oils means, that each time you use your particular favorite Essential Oil, it will be of the same quality not matter what! 

Most available essential oils on today's market have only a shocking 5% oil content and the rest being fillers. With that said it should be to no surprise that we choose at Connective Wellbeing, to promote essential oils from doTERRA®

No Proteins - No Allergies

You can expect and rest to know, that these Essential Oils have also NO proteins.

What that means is that those with environmental allergies can enjoy the lovely smell of a favorite fragrance on their skin again, or on the skin of their loved ones. 

In addition consider that it can take Essential Oil molecules just,

22 seconds to reach the brain 

2 minutes to be found in the blood stream

20 minutes to positively effect every cell of your body

Do you have questions about an oil?​ Why not try an oil before you buy it.

Come and test before you purchase!

Schedule your free, 30 minute consultation NOW!

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Would you be surprised that, 

doTERRA® is the #1 Essential Oil provider

doTERRA® offers Health Clinics in some States


Health & Wellbeing

At Connective Wellbeing, we encourage you to always remember,

you are indeed deigned to be


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