Update - A Duffel Bag for A Child in Need

We would like to take this opportunity to give an update of our first Duffel Stuffel Event.

As mentioned in the last Duffel Bag for A Child in Need blog post, this is the first time the program was activated and we concentrated exclusively on diaper bags for babies in need.

Good Samaritan Ministries Headquarters in Beaverton Oregon umbrellaed the program in support, so that funds were able to be collected. They also provided the needed space for the diaper bags to be assembled. Good Samaritan Ministries also partnered along with Connective Wellbeing LLC in Tigard Oregon and Allstate Insurance Agency in SW Portland, as a collection side for donated items.

It is with great gratitude that we can report, we were able to put together a total of 30 diaper bags, with the wonderful and generous donations of our community.

Donations came from:

  • Whole Foods Employees in Bridgeport Oregon

  • Meridian Acupuncture & Wellness

  • Volunteer and Staff at Good Samaritan Ministries Headquarters in Beaverton

  • Connective Wellbeing

  • A special thank you

To all employees of New Seasons Market Raleigh Hills!!!

Under the direction of their wonderful Community Outreach Coordinator Liz, they generously decided to make this Duffel Stuffel Event, their Annual Employee Giving Event.

Thank you!

All available diaper bags of this Duffel Stuffel Event have found their designations!

The Diaper Bags were donated in Oregon to,

  • Pregnancy Resource Center, Beaverton

  • Children’s Center, Oregon City

  • Police Department, Tigard

  • Good Neighbor Center, Tigard

  • DHS, Beaverton

  • DHS, Tigard

  • Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Willsonville

“I just received the bags and they are beautiful! …some amazing donations for infants who enter foster care.”

Nicole Hall, DHS

What's Next?

The informational outline of the program below, clearly indicates that the focus of this program is on all children that might benefit from a diaper or duffel bags.

In fact some items have already been donated, to contribute for future events.

It is our hope that we encourage others to hold a Duffel Stuffel Events in their area, activating our program in their community and making a difference for children in need in their own community.

Please look over the program outline and contact us if you locally have an interest, in further exploring the many opportunities of the program.

We feel so very blessed and thankful being allowed to do this little bit along with everyone else, providing children with a better start in life and letting them know someone cares.

With gratitude

The Duffel Stuffel Team

Program outline:

A Duffle Bag for A Child in Need

A wonderful program that can be adopted by community groups, ministries, companies, families or anyone that wants to make a difference!

The purpose of this program is to provide children in need with a duffel bag of small personal items that most of us take for granted and to deliver those duffel bags with the hope that those items might bring some comfort to children in their time of need.

We are asking for your help to activate your larger community to adopt this program for a small period of time and host a “DUFFEL-STUFFEL EVENT” in small groups or large, for a short term or long-term, perhaps even through an annual event. Everything counts because together we can make a difference.

Give a little love and show that someone cares!

Our focus groups in Oregon are; homeless children of all ages and foster children up to teenage age!

Foster children of teenage age in Oregon have already a well running and established program (see below). Children entering foster care in other states might benefit at any age from a duffel bag. Please check with your local applicable offices for more information!

“Why give a duffel bag?”, you ask.

Children are often removed from their home environment into protective custody at late night or even in the middle of night. There is little to no time to grab their belongings. A ready to go duffle bag stuffed with items just for them and given to them at those moments can make a big difference to that child. It can even bring some comfort.

Homeless families on the other hand often have to move from location to location before they can finally find a longterm stable home of their own again. A lot of things are left behind and some get lost along the way. In winter families often have to change their location during the day in order to stay warm, until the shelters open their doors at night. A duffel bag with some personal essentials for the child in this case can be more easily maintained and can bring the same bit of comfort as to any child in need. Many of us take for granted what we have, these children don’t!

We accept donations of ready to go duffel bags as well as items needed to make these duffel bags. Be advised that there is no tax write off for your donation, as we are not a non profit at this time! If you would like to get a tax write off for your donations, you might see if you can get the program adopted by your church or local nonprofit that would love to help in that way.

Ready to go duffel bags will need to be reviewed for safety reasons and all duffel bags will need to get a tag stating the items within, which gender its best suited for and the appropriate age of child.

Please collaborate with your family, friends, church, co-workers, etc., on any additional items not listed here, that would be safe and suited to be included in A Duffel Bag for A Child in Need.

We should mention, “No-sew fleece blankets” are a great project for any group if small, large and of any age group to get involved with this. There are several tutorial videos on YouTube, on how to make them.

Please contact us to obtain our handouts, of itemized items for your DUFFEL-STUFFEL EVENT, including all approx. age/size recommendation.



All donations must be absolutely smoke free, clean and new! Any small donated snacks must be non perishable!

Always needed are

- Diaper Bags and Duffel bags or large backpacks for boys and girls of all ages.

-Large amounts of left over fleece with age appropriate patterns for the younger children and no patterns for the older children, to make no sew fleece blankets. (See approx. sizes below)

-Various items as listed below, to be placed in the duffel bags.

Stuffing a bag for a baby:

Small, safe stuffed animal

Small age appropriate and safe soft toy or book (BPA free bathtub book, teething toys, etc)

Baby bottles, BPA free


Toiletries (toothbrush, comb, brush, non allergic diaper rash cream and baby wipes, etc)

Blanket approximately 30”x36” (or approx. half of indicated size)

Stuffing a bag for a child:

A card, letter or personal note

Stuffed animal

Age appropriate book

Diary book

Coloring book with non stain markers


Clothing such as socks, sleep and underwear

Toiletries (toothbrush, comb, brush and hair clips, etc)

Small pillow

Blanket approx. 40”x60”

Stuffing a bag for a teen:

A card, letter or personal note

Age appropriate book

Note or sketch books with pencils, etc.

Diary Book


Clothing such as socks, sleep and age appropriate underwear

Female and/or male toiletries

Small pillow

Blanket approx. 45”x 72”

(The Oregon Foster Youth Connection in Oregon partners with the larger community to make duffel bags for foster teens. For more information on their program see the Duffle Bag Drive Tool Kit link here.) http://oryouthconnection.org/foster-care-month/duffle-bag-drive-tool-kit/


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