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How Did You Get There?

When it comes to any illness, disorder or disease, the first question to ask is:

"How did you get there?”

I was recently asked what one can do about Kidney Stones.

To me Kidney Stones indicate that there is a need for proper processing and cleansing on multiple levels of our beings. That said, it should invite us to investigate and have a closer look at our spiritual and emotional connection of being too.

Ask yourself, if Kidney Stones are a factor,

“Why is the body not functioning correctly?" and

“What is hindering the body from functioning correctly?”

Drinking more regular herbal tea and being mindful of herbs and spices being your true supplements is a wise choice for anyone. A generational art and knowledge, that if we are not mindfully careful, can become systematically erased with industry push.

One of my favorite herbal resources comes via the work of Maria Treben.Her multi language publications are mostly out of print.

The website "Maria Treben Herbs” tells about the blessings that this wonderful faithful woman was allowed to contribute to this world.

This website also gives insight into various uses of herbs. Via their search engine option one can educate themselves on how to prepare teas, tinctures, compresses and so much more, and can simply search for instance “Kidney Stones”.

The word Educating however, needs to be highlighted here!

If you have been on a KETO-Diet for a while and have kidney stones, diabetes, etc, you might want to look into this STUDY

We need to find our way to healthy, life promoting balance again!

Each individual needs to STOP and logically realize that one cannot simply continue on the same path, one's illness, disorder or disease have taken place. We cannot continue on our route and have to make vital changes to our lifestyle and thinking.

This and only this will untangle the mess we got ourselves into.

“It bears repeating that our thoughts also have power and energy; they immediately affect our DNA and thus cellular function throughout the body.Thoughts are like magnets, either attracting or repelling.It is therefore important to be aware of thoughts and feelings at all times.”

Shannon McRae, PhD

“The unhealthy cholesterol was always an effect of either a person giving up (psychologically) on something, or not wanting to be hurt again — or eating junk food…”

Shannon McRae, PhD

This applies also if it was not our fault entirely or at all, due to generational wrong habits, trauma passed along through the nervous system, mindsets and understandings of how we should live, etc.

“The fascia must be looked upon as a single organ, a unified whole,

the environment in which all body systems function.”

DR. Pischinger

Preventative measures and with that mindset, brings longevity to us in the first place. Little positive changes have a “snowball effect” with long-lasting results!

And objectively consider, NOBODY lives your life. You can only blame yourself or choose to educate yourself and apply any necessary positive changes for the long run.

Did anybody say that it does not require our own effort or input to enjoy lasting positive changes? If so:



“Are you really believing this lie to be true?”

Life is not a sprint after all, STOP running unless your life depends on it.

START breathing again and make rational educated decisions for your future wellbeing, and with that your life quality.

The truth is, it sometimes takes only two generations or less and changes to dietary habits drastically influence the health and wellbeing of future generations!

The good news is, genes can be turned on or off, depending on a variety of influencing factors rooted in the individual's current life quality or the lack thereof. Look up cortical remapping. We all do it every second of our life.

Ponder on this, according to a recent newsletter published by the NANP

(National Association of Nutrition Professionals):

"Each year, the number of children diagnosed with mental or behavioral disorders rises. The most recent numbers have 1 in 5, or 22%, children in the United States diagnosed with one or more of these disorders. Modern medicine reports the root cause of these disorders may be a genetic disposition, alcohol or tobacco use during pregnancy, exposure to environmental pollutants during pregnancy, exposure at an early age, premature delivery, low birth weight, brain injury or dysfunction, or a dopamine/serotonin imbalance. But what if the cause is much simpler? It’s in the foods – and what’s missing too. From a holistic perspective, studies have shown that nutrient deficiencies can lead to the expression of specific behaviors often used to diagnose these disorders. Nutrient deficiencies can come from the soil depletion caused by conventional farming practices, food choices – especially ultra-processed foods, pesticide, and pharmaceutical residue in and/or on the foods as well as in local water supplies, delayed food allergies, exposure to artificial flavors, colors, and genetically modified ingredients, environmental pollutants, lifestyle choices, and overall dietary imbalances.”

At Connective Wellbeing, I go deeper in my Holistic Approach of investigating the current state of each individual and I am ready and able to offer counterbalance.


I am available to share with my clients a truly Well Rounded Customized set of Neuroplasticity Promoting Tools.

Because it is time to aid each willing individual that wants to learn and take charge again of their own wellbeing!

This specialized educational course is for all walks of life that want to learn and understand, what behaviors can be tied to specific overall lifestyle deficiencies,

and the solutions that can be applied strategically in order to restore better balance.

It is my desire that this may help especially the children, lowering these above numbers, and returning health to our future generations. We, as the adults, need to be leading by first educating ourselves.

After all, what do we have to pass along, without such educational efforts?

At Connective Wellbeing, I focus on strategic Holistic Education, Rejuvenation and Building up the entire Nervous System from all different angles.



Social - Emotional



Spiritual Wellbeing

We are complex beings, no shoe fits all and so I focus on customized courses and sessions for my clients.


What gave us the notion or makes us believe the lies that we are daily being fed through the greater "world societies lifestyles”?

Shortcuts of popping a pill with little effort on our own behalf.

Why would we ever be so naive to think we can continue foolishly in doing the wrong things and gain any positive lasting changes?

Again, nobody is accountable for our own life, other than us ourselves.

Everything is stored like data via our nervous system and our fascia tissue plays a big part here too.

It is a fibrous nerve net that expands over the entire body and wraps around every organ in the body too.

What we expose ourselves to or should be and are not, has far more reaching consequences than most might think.

Our emotions, development, physical habits, our will, what we consume on many different levels, etc. all influence our quality of life.

What is good and should give anyone hope under any circumstances, is that we hold it in our own hand to make quality changes.

These changes are often not evidential immediately. However positive improvements in our life have a tendency to snowball relatively rapidly, due to our awesome and continuous cortical remapping capabilities.

Our God given gift and birthright of innate healing!

Make Massive Progress in Your Wellness Journey.

Get Results Without Feeling Deprived.

The Secret to Easily Accomplish Both!

I can help!

Only limited seats available!

Exclusive Service - Exceptional Results!

"I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten..."


Through Silke's reflex and sensory integration work and the past free Healthy Moves Community Classes at Good Samaritan Ministries, I have gained better circulation, I am less dizzy, lost weight, feel more energy and experience flexibility. Silke is a great teacher! So helpful and kind. She makes becoming healthy easy.


Balance Me Sessions: I’m feeling great, especially my head, sinuses, and neck feel much better after ‘Balance Me’


I am healthier and functioning better because of Silke’s encouragement during the past 10 years.

I appreciate her patience and good advice. I trust Silke. She has been a great resource of holistic wellness information. I lost about 30 pounds and changed my eating habits. I feel great.

I appreciate your friendship as well as your professionalism.


Rinda L.

Let me show You how Your Wellness Journey can feel light and simple and how You can enjoy every minute of it.

Don’t work harder, work smarter and with the right support and

tools you deserve!

I recommend not to wait and to start with my presented offer at Connective Wellbeing,

The 360° Lens - Your Wellness

WellBeing Is Not A PricePoint

It's A State Of Mind.

One person in the family signs up and the whole family will benefit.

So, if two for one or 5,6, etc. for the price of one...

The 360° Lens

  • Free 30min Consult

  • 2 month commitment / up to 2 hrs per week / 16hrs Total

  • In Person/Online

Contact me at Connective Wellbeing NOW

Find out more about this excellent value bundle and enjoy the savings you will not find anywhere else!

I love to overdeliver, because in my book my clients are special and deserve my best!

In the end, we have more control of our health and wellness,

then we are led to believe!

It will take effort, dedication and consistency.

The rewards can be absolutely amazing and lasting!

If it is true that in a healthy person the,

  • Stomach is brand new every 2-9 days

  • Lungs are brand new every 2-3 weeks

  • Colon is completely new every 2-3 days

  • Skin is brand new in as little as 14 days

  • Red blood cells are all new every four months

  • Skeleton and bones renew themselves by 10% every year

  • Heart muscle cells are renewed 24/7

  • Blood platelets are replaced every 10 days

  • Liver is 100% new every five months

  • Taste-Buds are all new every 10 days

  • Joint & cartilage cells are constantly renewed

There are then only two simple, yet vital questions to ask:

What are you doing to support this process?

What are you doing to hinder this process?

It is absolutely vital to review and change your current lifestyle,

for a true Wellness-Transformation!

If you don't, you will end up right where you began or even worse.

Our cortical remapping process can go in either direction,

desired or undesired.

So if you are interested, I can help you make lasting progress in a more desired direction and improved quality lifestyle!

I offer you, "The 360° Wellness Lens"

At Connective Wellbeing, I support my clients through a committed relationship of both parties, infused with encouragement and accountability of lifestyle and behavioral modifications, that support the body's innate healing ability, through:

Exploration | Goal-Setting | Education | Preparation | Commitment | Action

Regular assessments and lifestyle reviews are a base, enabling us together to untangle any root cause imbalance and dysfunction.

Supporting my clients in Unleashing their Innate Healing Capabilities!

Free 30min Consult

and 2 month commitment / up to 2 hrs per week / 16hrs Total

I have a Special Bonus Offer waiting, with the end of the 5th session.

One family member signs up and the rest of the family benefits too.

Savings that in many cases are better than, two for the price of one!

It is time that we stand up for ourselves, our loved ones and the future generations at large.

You already know where you are right now and you know deep down that change is an inevitable necessity for any progress in your life.

All breakthrough happens from the inside out.

The sound of now comes from the inside and is expressed outwardly.

via Jennifer LeClaire

Take the plunge, get going already!

It will be a very rewarding journey!

Silke De Oca

owner of ConnectiveWellbeing

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