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Our Many Senses

Therapist holding hand over head and forehead of women, that is relaxing in supine on massage table

Our reflex and sensory integration process is directly linked to our neonatal or primitive infant movements we all did at one time.

They helped to shape our nervous system, vagal health and brain with all functional connections to the entire body and the body in turn is certainly connected to the brain. As an example it has been well recognized, that for one signal from the brain to the stomach, the stomach sends 7-9 messages to the brain.

Our Brain-Body connectivity and function have been in great part rooted back to and are established through our primitive movements.

Other important supportive factors, such as nutrition, social interactions and overall environment, etc., are all of course strongly connected in conjunction.

Movement however has a special place, as it can be used to not only recap quickly, but can bring lasting positive changes to our Brain-Body connectivity and function.

This is something that in turn is visually apparent of a persons movement capabilities and by observing flow, function, and pliability with strength and flexibility. The internal flow and function is equally impacted.

All of the listed senses below, have their place of importance. However they only function with optimized mature state of reflex integration in their full capacity.

Sensory and reflex integration go always hand-in-hand.

Inward and outward flow, function, strength with flexibility and pliability, depend on and are not achievable without proper connections that are established via reflex and sensory integration.

So when we think of movements missed in the early years of development, unexpected injuries that restrict our movements, or the wide spread of desensitization these days, one can start to understand the impact this might have on a human being of any age.

Support the establishing of what has been missed from the beginning or recap and establish what was interrupted. Each person in great part, holds their own limitations here.

Fortified with strategic improvements through a Personalized Wellness Plan, that focuses on the development at any age in areas of; Cognitive, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Physical, Artistic, Creative and Spiritual Wellbeing, we can than truly always have the option to maximize on a personal level.

So despite our age, circumstances or current capabilities a continued neurodevelopment and improved holistic body function is possible.

In the end what is also important to remember is that when it comes to our senses, in some shape or form they always work together.

What that means is that we are not simply turning one on and off, in order to utilize one or the other sense. Within the body there is always a combination of systems and subsystems at working together at the same time, in order to help us achieve the task at hand.

Fine tuning the internal communication of the nervous system has reflex and sensory integration at its root.

  • Proprioceptive Sense or Exteroceptive Sense is ones own body sense, also called the sixth sense.

It coordinates parts of the body with one another. Muscles and the central nervous system need to work together in order for this to happen.

It is believed to be composed of information from sensory neurons located in the inner ear (motion and orientation) and in the stretch receptors located in the muscles and the joint-supporting ligaments (stance).

They aid the body's perception of position, motion, and state. These senses work next to our traditional five senses with the Asthermoceptive Sense (temperature differences) and Magnetoreceptive Sense (direction, altitude or location of magnetic or energetic field)

  • Kinesthesia Sense is the muscle sense. It helps with the body's ability to coordinate motion, like pitching a baseball, dancing, etc.

It gives the body awareness of where it is in time and space detecting weight, body position, or the relationship between movements in our body parts like the joints, muscles and tendons. The reason why we don’t bump into each other all the time, in short kinesthetic awareness or the kinesthetic sense is based on proprioception/awareness.

  • Interoceptive Sense is the sense that helps us to connect our internal state to our emotions. It also allows us to determine adequately if we feel hungry, full, hot, cold or thirsty, need to take a break or use the restroom. Our pliability under constant artificial stressors and or socially accepted and pushed stressors, can quickly and directly disrupt normal limits of improved tolerance and turn them into fear based feelings.

Fear is in most cases then accompanied and expressed also in the form of frustration and anger, through potential provoked anxiety, as self-regulation becomes disturbed. Interestingly our first reflex in the 5th week in utero, is the Fear Paralysis Reflex.

This Reflex is meant to be used or activated as needed in “life threatening situations” in order to give us extra speed, height and means of escape, etc. For many it is now unnecessarily and perpetually active theses days, due to artificially introduced stressors of modern living.

  • Vestibular Sense is the movement and balance sense located in the inner ear.

In most mammals, it is the sensory system that provides the leading contribution to the sense of balance and spatial orientation for the purpose of coordinating movement with balance.

The vestibular senses (the sensations of body rotation and of gravitation and movement) arise in the inner ear; the sense organs are the hair cells that send out signals over the auditory nerve.

  • Tactile Sense is our sense of touch.

  • Visual Sense is our ability to see.

  • Auditory Perception Sense is in short what we are hearing, sounds.

It relays information from the receptors on our skin, about temperature, texture, shape, size, number, pressure, pain, skin stretch, vibration and more.

  • Gustatory Sense is our sense of taste.

It allows us to perceive different flavors from substances that we consume such as food and drink.

  • Olfactory Sense is the sense of smell.

Called olfaction and it involves the detection and the perception of chemicals floating in the air.

A few words to close…

It is so important to not only introduce the next generations to all the beautiful things God provides for us, but it is also important to any age group or ability to become more mindful of this and enjoy these precious gifts.

Sensory experience, in the way it was designed by God, works hand in hand with reflex integration, like clearly explained above.

It’s not only healing in humans Interoceptive and Exteroceptive Integration Process, for optimized foundational connectivity and function, but affects and keeps the door open to a rich experience and connection with God.

Consider: Who would benefit from the increased desensitizing of humans in this world and for what benefits?

We deeply suggest to discover at least on a daily basis, the environment with God the Father and be in awe and wonder of his amazing creations.

What is it that you (see, hear, taste, smell, sensory physically feel) and then where…how and in what positioning of your body?

It’s simple and not complicated.

Like Adam and Eve were designed to do before the fall and also Enoch and so many others, walk and talk with God in a personal relationship.

Each of us has the opportunity to grab hold of the invitation and extended hand of Jesus. It’s our individual personal choice and relationship and not another’s, to build and maintain a loving relationship with flow, function, strength, flexibility and pliability in connectivity also here.

“Handing over what we should not be hanging onto in the first place.”

It will transcend with a positive ripple effect on all of our being and life, unwinding the many true unhealthy functioning, restrictive and congestive part of our being.

This in the end, will allow us to truly learn and strengthen to breathe with ease.

For His divine power has bestowed on us (absolutely) everything necessary for (a dynamic spiritual) life and godliness, through true and personal knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.

2 Peter 1 (AMP)

Silke De Oca, owner of Connective Wellbeing


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At Connective Wellbeing, we encourage you to always remember, you are indeed designed to be RESILIENT and BOUNCE BACK

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