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Rental Options

Individual Workout Practice 

Clients / Independent



Prior approval required!

$35.00 per hour 

15 Session Commitment | $30.00 per hour | Payment plan available 

Pulley Tower Professional Rental Option

Westside - Elite® Pulley Tower Rental Option - Near Washington Square



Are you looking for a convenient teaching location, expanding on the Westside?

Are you looking for a convenient study location on the Westside?


You Found It!


- Private Practice Space

- Undisturbed Time with your Clients

- No Distractions - Focused Personal Study Time

- Welcoming Environment

- Supportive Environment for your Workout Reserve your personal space today!


Rental includes,

- Private Practice Space

- Cobra Elite Tower

- Accessories

- Wooden Wingmaster

- Pelvic Support Cushion




- GYROTONIC® Apprentice and NOT established with any other modality as a licensed practitioner | $28.00 per hour

30 Hours commitment | $25.00 per hour | Payment plan available

- Licensed Practitioners $35.00 per hour

30 hour commitment | $28.00 per hour | Payment plan available


Proof of insurance and licensing required!

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