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Please Note, 

 Clearlight Far Infrared Sessions Are Temporarily Not Available


For Online Or In Person Sessions,



Additional Payment Option:



30 Minutes Free Initial Consultation

This reserved time allows for us to get acquainted and for the answering of any question you may have about our services.


In addition these 30 min. can be used to:

- Purchase a gift card

- Support you in establishing your next goal of wellness lifestyle

Holistic Wellness Services

Zoom Sessions Available

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New Client - Starter Package

​Let Your Wellness Journey Begin

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The Starter Package is a unique combination service that is tailored to give new clients much needed adequate time.

Together we will go over your Intake Form, allowing undisturbed time for reflecting and sharing with us, on just how you got to the present circumstances.


Yes, we take the time to get to know you prior to composing your Personal Wellness Plan.


Exploring your options on how to move forward is absolutely vital, and we educate you in the needed understanding of first steps.

Not one client is alike and each client deserves our undivided attention.


Rest assured at Connective Wellbeing we move forward in a team approach together. ​



  • Initial Assessment & Lifestyle Review

  • Explore and start to understand your Neurological System ​via Movements

      (Vagal- Health Starts Here)

  • Navigate your Personalized Wellness Plan

  • Holistic Nutritional Information

  • Resource Handouts

      (as available)

  • Recommendations


2 1/2 hours in person or via Zoom, at $220.00

(reg. $120.00 per hour / Includes the Assessment of your Intake)

Family Discount

  • Full Initial Intake 2 1/2 hours - First Family Member at $220.00

  • Second, third, etc Family Member, with no other discount and if living in same household, $195.00 for Initial Intake

Holistic Bodywork


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Consistent stressors these days can result in excessive tightening of the body's tissues and the disruption of nervous systems function.


An unexpected injury experienced later in life can result in underlying irregular nervous system function and so can be the lack of a proper sensory and reflex integration process.

What do these circumstances in the end all have in common?

They all cause unnecessary stress of holistic function for the entire body.


Stressors left unattended will cause incremental changes and injuries to the nervous system which eventually can lead to diseases.

Having a closer look and gaining understanding of a disrupted nervous system function is often very beneficial, helping a person understand the reason of unexplained frustrations and challenging behavior.


It may also explain why some don't progress in some areas of their life, seemingly re-circling patterns despite their best efforts to move forward.

Our Holistic Bodywork:

  • An excellent restorative and non-medical option for any age or movement capabilities

  • Educates the nervous system for forming a healthier pathway which gives way to the innate healing capabilities of the body

  • Allows for the focusing on specific restrictive areas of the body, via a unique and tailored movement education of the nervous system

  • Wonderful support, maturing the brain and elevating holistic body function

  • Unwinds the nervous system from restrictive tensions

  • Establishes the ease of a healthy flow in the entire nervous system and with that the optimization of a strengthened holistic body function

  • Has for most a calming and grounding effect as we focus together and teaches the body to function with newly elevated gain of overall ease


Some incorporated tools and techniques:

  • Progressive Assessments Lifestyle Reviews

  • Reflex & Sensory Integration

  • Passive Neuroplastic Gymnastic

  • Isometric Pressure

  • Crossing of Midline

  • Balancing

  • Movement Support Homework

  • Proprioceptive Sensory Stimulation

  • GYROTONIC® Cobra Elite Tower

  • GYROKINESIS® Movements


Single session $85.00 per hour

Duos - Pay $45.00 per hour/per person


Health & Wellness Consults

Discover Your Innate Healing Capabilities

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Because everyday can be your new beginning...

Ideal for,

  • Clients with complex circumstances, that require additional segregated, uninterrupted and focused time navigating

  • Those ready to explore further how to improve their biomarkers

  • Clients ready to "dive deeper" with us, fine-tuning their personal health and wellness journey


We support our clients through a committed relationship of both parties, infused with encouragement and accountability of lifestyle and behavioral modifications, that support the body's innate healing ability, through:

Exploration | Goal-Setting | Education | Preparation | Commitment | Action


Detoxing is an important part of balanced wellbeing, as toxic stressors lead to injuries of the nervous system and with that disrupt holistic body flow, function, connectivity and pliability.


This is often visible physically, but applies with equal impact also to the unseen inward flow, function of the body.


"Disbalance" = Disfunction = Dis-Connect = DIS-EASE = Disease


Therefore and to name a few vital areas of our exploration, become the detection and elimination of any toxic stressors in areas of;

Household - Pantry - Lifestyle - Perception/Beliefs - Physical Movement Abilities


Depending on necessity, sessions focus may be:

  • Assessments

  • Lifestyle Reviews

  • Individualized Holistic Nutritional Education

  • Introduction to Dr. Alan’s optimal functional ranges for labs

  • Navigational Support and Consultations / Including via Zoom

  • Detox Household by Room / Find better Choices

  • Ditch Toxic Products 

  • Navigate the Pantry / Grocery Store

  • Choosing Healthy Personal Care Products

  • Fine-Tune Personalized Wellness Plan

  • Our Extensive In-House Resource Library

  • Resource Handouts

  • Recommendations

Single sessions $120.00 per hour

We offer economic prices on our "Discounts" page.

Wellness Spa Services

In Person Only

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Therapeutic Essential Oil Consults

Get The Answer For Your Essential Oil Related Question



Essential Oil Consults, provides uninterrupted time;

  • Benefit from our in-house resource library

  • Purchasing oils per drop, refilling your existing bottles

This additional add-on service will be charged at $15.00 per 30min.

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Clearlight Far Infrared + Chromotherapy 

Detoxing = Wellness / Ages 3 - Up

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Rejuvenate As You Detox - Enjoy Healthy Glowing Skin - Let Aches & Pains Melt Away


Read a more complete list of benefits under our Methodologies tab.

45 min. maximum in-cabin-time - 15 min. for changing



  • Aromatherapy (choose up to 3 Therapeutic Essential Oils)

  • Ceramic Panels

  • Chromotherapy

  • Towel Service

  • Organic Coconut Water (with availability)

We offer you Clearlight®, the only Infrared Saunas with:

  • Low EMF/Low ELF technology

  • Patented True Wave® Carbon/Ceramic Far Infrared Heaters

  • Low EMF True Wave® Full Spectrum Infrared Heaters

  • Doctor designed heater technology

  • Clinically tested proven results

  • Much more...


First Trial Session $10.00 Per Person - 30 Minutes


Regular Prices:

1 Visit - $ 37.00


Add up to 2 Persons, each at - $10.00 per session


Seek permission from your doctor prior to use if you are:

  • Taking Medications

  • Are under 12 years old

  • Elderly

  • Having Cardiovascular Conditions

  • Have Chronic Conditions ​



  • Pregnant

  • Diagnosed with Hemophilia

  • With a Fever

  • With Insensitivity to Heat

  • Under the influence of Alcohol / Alcohol Abuse

We offer affordable prices on our "Discounts" page.


Bluefin - Ultimate Vibration Platform

3D Vibration and Oscillation

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 10 Minute Standalone or Add-On Session

Our whole-body and three dimensional massage vibration plate provides a cutting edge technology, with the use of dual motors.

Oscillation Mode - Horizontal Linear Mode - Vertical 3D Mode - Vertical + Horizontal Manual Ask us to schedule this service for you, as a direct Add-On Session!


Programmed settings allow for customized sessions as well and provide the perfect passive or active workout engagement, for seniors and the more athletic clients alike.


Clients can even use the unit by simply being seated in front of it and resting their feet on the platform, while others might choose to place themselves in a side plank position.


Five different intensity and vibration modes, leave your body guessing and engaged.


Whole-body vibration platforms have been credited with;

  • Increasing Bone Density

  • Improving Blood Circulation

  • Stimulating Muscles

  • Increasing Muscle Mass

  • Energizing Lymphatic System

  • Decreasing Stress

  • Relieving Aches & Pains

  • Boosting Immunity

  • Decreased Cortisol Levels

  • Lowering Blood Pressure

  • Boosting Balance, Flexibility & Coordination

  • Supporting Motor Function Improvements

  • Promoting Weight Loss

  • Improving Overall Fitness Level

  • Reducing Cellulite



  • Pacemaker

  • Pregnant

  • Operation Recovering

  • Acute Hernia - Migraines

  • Diabetes - Hip / Knee Replacements

  • Present Cancer / Tumors

  • Epilepsy

  • Neurological Conditions

  • Acute Thrombosis

  • Cardiovascular Disease


Instructed Sessions: 

1 Session $ 25.00

10 Sessions $200.00

20 Sessions $300.00

Balance Me

Breathe - Relax - Simply Be 

pexels-anete-lusina-5240733 2.jpg
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Great Option For TMJ & Facial Paralysis Relief

Balance Me sessions incorporate specialized reflex and sensory integration techniques that are appropriate for both adults and children. The techniques used during sessions calm the brain, and support balanced brain and holistic body function.


The facial techniques used in this specialized reflex and sensory integration approach, are an effective and supportive tool in the integration process of reflexes directly linked to the development of skull, face, palate, tongue and lips.


Strategically nerves are being notched to gently redirect their energetic flow and function.

A natural release is set in motion that aids any stretching needs within connective muscular functions.

Sessions offer in depth lessons for the nervous system, aiding proper reflex and sensory integration.

The result are more balanced facial features with the release of any unnatural tension around the head, jaw and neck area. These sessions can over time reveal more proper functional alignment of skull, face, palate, tongue and lips.


Balance Me is an excellent options for those individuals longing to find relief of the many related side effects of stress to our nervous system. Sessions have proven to be an invaluable weekly support tool for many of our clients, combating daily stressors.


Find release support for,

  • TMJ

  • Clinching & Grinding of Teeth

  • Chewing the Inside of Mouth or Cheeks

  • Picking on the Body

  • Biting Fingernails or Cuticles

  • Balance Facial Features

  • Facial Paralysis

  • Irregular Breathing Patterns

  • Balance of Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Nervous System

  • Overall Healthy Body Function …and more


Customized to the individual and incorporated into each session, may be other specialized techniques that boost the individuals overall holistic function of the body.


Babies Cranial bone movement and adjustments are vital, during the birthing process.

It can take then up to several weeks after the baby is born, for these bones to settle into their actual positions.

In some cases it is necessary to consult with a specialist, like an Osteopath, to assist in the proper placement of these bones. 

This specialized reflex and sensory integration work with facial techniques, can provide

a wonderful support in this process.

A supportive option even into adulthood, as the cranial bones still move.

Single session $55.00

For Children's Wellbeing Services Visit HERE

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