Wellness Intensives

at Connective Wellbeing

Rather than seeing your stay in our area as an ordinary vacation, where you are in general left to your own devices, you are expected to follow the established rules of your personalized wellness plan and treat your Wellness Intensive seriously. 


You are entering a committed relationship with us and this is vital for the successful outcome of your Wellness Intensive and the enjoyment of your future overall well being.


The aim of our Wellness Intensive is to maximize your brain-body connectivity and function and with that boosting your overall health and well being.

We work and set out together with you, by educating and supporting you in,

  • Identifying stressors and dysfunctions in your life

  • Strategizing best elimination practices and how to make better choices

  • Activating and boosting your own bodies innate healing capabilities

  • Avoidance of the many angles of potential future stressors

The condensed timeframe of the Wellness Intensive, will catapult you forward in your wellness efforts, boosting your immune system and well being.


Can you stop stress-related illnesses and chronic conditions from developing?

Learn the art of

Stress Injury Prevention 


You will live a more productive, engaged and fulfilled life, when you have learned to properly identify potential stressors, how to best avoid them and what your best practice of future de-stressing is. In the end, you are then bringing rejuvenation to your entire nervous system.


Silke, owner of Connective Wellbeing, and her husband George, have traveled about every road there is in Oregon. 

Both would be delighted to offer you advise on any sightseeing you may wish to do in our area, or during your stay in Oregon.


Contact us for a list of suitable accommodations in our general area today.

Language Support: English - Spanish - German


20 Session Package 

5 X Health & Wellness Coaching Sessions 

  5 X Brain-Body Physical Sessions 

  5 X Far Infrared Sessions

5 X 3D Vibration and Oscillation 

(Spread out over agreed timeframe, not exceeding one month)


    You've Got Options To Choose From!   


Nip Stress!

Learn stress avoidance and reliable quick mending tips, to

combat potential damages, to your nervous system.

It was a great blessing the day I began working with Silke. To engage with a professional who will be interacting with your physical conditions is an important choice. For the past two years, Silke has employed her vast knowledge and principled expertise to address the various issues I have and goals I wish to achieve with sensitivity and intuition.

Silke’s wholistic and disciplined approach at once challenges me, while accepting my abilities and never lowering my confidence. Silke has a generous spirit and a welcoming and non-judgmental approach which encourages me on the journey through my comfort zone toward more balance, stability and health. Thank you, Silke!

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