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Reviews for YouLabWork,

“I feel really good. I’ve lost 25 pounds now. My energy levels are up and I’m finally getting results for my disciplined lifestyle. My doctor missed my thyroid dysfunction with just a TSH test.  Having the advanced testing done, allowed me to narrow in on my issues, and find the help I needed.”

 Pam, age 48

“The metabolism webinar was excellent. I love that you are sharing the San Antonio calculation sheet with us. So very helpful and quick to support building client/coach relationships.” 

Mari Rubens, Health Coach

“People have noticed a difference in how I look. They say, ‘Wow, you look like you are losing weight’ or ‘You look healthy!’ Once I had the right testing done, I got the answers I needed. I now feel confident I can continue to lose more weight.” 

Gail, age 53

“I feel hopeful now. I have had muscle and joint pain for years. Knowing my thyroid numbers gave me the confidence I needed to ask my physician for help. I had a clear understanding of what was wrong going into my physician visit and was able to work with my practitioner to move the needle on weight loss.”

Ellen, age 55

“I used to work in a hospital laboratory, so I am a big advocate for lab testing. I had the full Transformational Panel done. The amount of tests performed and information gleaned was invaluable. I used the information to learn what I could do on a holistic level and have a better conversation with my doctor. I am exercising more consistently and making healthier choices in my diet, and will retest further down the road to see how my numbers have changed.

I already feel better and have more energy. For anyone who wants to be healthy and nip any future problems in the bud, I highly recommend you do these tests.” 

Terri Romero, MBA

“The lab panel test was enlightening. I though as long as I was physically fit I was fine. Through the test I learned what biomarkers meant. The information empowered me with the knowledge to make the changes I needed. I began to focus my protocol and I actually enjoy it.”

Mitch Gaylord,

Olympic Gold Medalist

What we at Connective Wellbeing can do for you:

  • Share with you Dr. Alan’s optimal functional ranges for labs

  • Guide you to resources to help you understand your labs

  • Help you with any questions you may want to discuss further with your doctor

  • Offer you our 30 minute free consultation, to see if we are a good match working together, optimizing your bodies own innate healing capabilities 

  • Help you to identify and eliminate potential hidden stressors and root causes, that often start and then later transform like this: 

Dis-balance = Disfunction = Dis-   Connect = DIS-EASE = Disease

  • Implement customized reflex and sensory integration into your sessions. A Neurodevelopmental Movement practice and Brain-Body connectivity and function boost, at any age!

  • Offer you our Far Infrared Therapy and Chromotherapy services to ease aches and pain, reduce inflammation, aid detoxing from heavy metals and so much more

  • Support you in discovering how you individually, can boost your immune system

  • Provide support and understanding, for clients with any setbacks or autoimmune conditions

  • Work with you via personalized functional movement education and coach you in their applied practice, to prevent and eliminate nagging aches, from structural disfunction

  • Help and support you in your quest of establishing, increasing and then nurturing overall healthy balance and optimizing your personal health and wellbeing 

  • Offer you regular sessions to boost your rest and digest response, your parasympathetic nervous system

The great secret of human life and inspiration is the lifelong mastery of thought, action, health, and spirituality.

How is this achieved?

By strengthening our character and respecting the life around us. By understanding that all life is connected. By recognizing that thoughts are manifestations and creations. By learning from the past and using it to improve the future. By being humble and expressing gratitude for our blessings. By loving GOD, yourself, and others. By feeling the light that flows from our hearts. By working hard in all our relationships. By talking less and listening more. By giving more than we receive. By providing our bodies with clean food and water. By understanding the divine power within. By practicing forgiveness. By living in the present. By following our passions. By living each day to the fullest. By recognizing, controlling, and releasing our anger efficiently. By doing things that make us laugh. By reducing our attachment to material things. By never criticizing or blaming others. By avoiding unkind words. By always improving ourselves. By controlling our egos. By acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them.

And by realizing that all of the above can be accomplished with the power and practice of love!

Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP

Founder of Global Healing



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