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Mosaic Stones

Connective Wellbeing

The integration of a variety of highly effective mind-body based interventions, manipulative or body based methods. 


Find a partner in us with profound and holistic support, and well suited for your conventional medical treatments.

A sample of what we at

Connective Wellbeing

may provide you with:

  • Dr. Alan’s optimal functional ranges for labs

  • Shared resources, helping in the understand of labs

  • Support in identifying important questions to discuss further with your doctor

  • 30 minute free consultations

  • Education in identifying potential hidden stressors 

  • Optimization of your nervous system function, through our customized reflex and sensory integration program

  • Neurodevelopmental movement practice suitable for any age or ability

  • A unique cellular heavy metals detox option via Far Infrared & Chromotherapy 

  • Exploration and individualized education  in boosting the immune system

  • Support services for any setbacks or autoimmune conditions you may have

  • Education for your nervous system via our multidimensional movement practice and coach you in the applied functional practice

  • Education of functional understanding in order to eliminating the root causes of nagging aches and structural disfunction

  • Support in establishing, increasing and the nurturing of optimized holistic body function 

  • Boost of the rest and digest response and with that elevated parasympathetic nervous system function

De-stress, detox, decompress, rejuvenate!


Enjoy our non medical and drug free, personalized and overall wellness supporting methods. 

Choose Connective Wellbeing as your holistic goto option for the whole family. 

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High Quality

Organic & Plant-Based 


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Product Samples

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The great secret of human life and inspiration is the lifelong mastery of thought, action, health, and spirituality.

How is this achieved?

By strengthening our character and respecting the life around us. By understanding that all life is connected. By recognizing that thoughts are manifestations and creations. By learning from the past and using it to improve the future. By being humble and expressing gratitude for our blessings. By loving GOD, yourself, and others. By feeling the light that flows from our hearts. By working hard in all our relationships. By talking less and listening more. By giving more than we receive. By providing our bodies with clean food and water. By understanding the divine power within. By practicing forgiveness. By living in the present. By following our passions. By living each day to the fullest. By recognizing, controlling, and releasing our anger efficiently. By doing things that make us laugh. By reducing our attachment to material things. By never criticizing or blaming others. By avoiding unkind words. By always improving ourselves. By controlling our egos. By acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them.

And by realizing that all of the above can be accomplished with the power and practice of love!

Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP

Founder of Global Healing


NeuroFuzion from Global Healing is an all-natural brain-supporting supplement designed to help encourage mental vitality. NeuroFuzion is a balanced formula that contains lithium orotate, zinc, and a proprietary blend of wildcrafted mulungu bark, bacopa, mucuna pruriens, saffron extract, and more. NeuroFuzion not only helps to stimulate the brain, but also promotes happiness, sharpens the mind, and encourages focus and mental clarity. Each bottle contains 120 vegan-friendly capsules.

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Europe + ANZ



Founded by

Dr. Raleigh Duncan

Learn more with Dr. Duncan HERE

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Stack of Books



Can You Banish Deficiencies From Your Body?



Chris Masterjohn, PhD


Purchase his,

Ultimate Cheat Sheet

  • Turbocharge your nutrition

  • Upgrade your whole body

  • Slash risks of degenerative disease

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