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Support the body in what it is already designed and capable of accomplishing,

by learning to establish targeted and ongoing optimized self-support.

Rather than supporting deficits that clients may present during intake or sessions, we take note and aim to look beyond the often thought personal shortcomings and widespread socially accepted header terminologies alike.

There is the need of both client and practitioner to agree with mutual understanding and expectancy, that beyond a consistent self educating commitment of the client and by taking open eyed the reins of their life experience and wellbeing firmly into their own hands, nothing will ever be able to get accomplished. 

We explore who the client in front of us really is and how they arrived at current function as a whole.


We explore and analyze together with our clients the essential key components of how they take in, process, store, and retrieve information in their entirety.


We recognize and celebrate that we are all uniquely flawed and precious in our own ways.


To us each individual is uniquely special and with that is seen, with greater purpose in this world.


We honor who our clients are and celebrate the victories with them as they discover their previously hidden potentials.


We support our clients as they embark on their own terms, to venture beyond their past limitations.

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The philosophical meaning of holistic is the deep understanding of different components, 

that are closely intertwined with one another and function as one.


We support our clients in discovering or rediscovering and understanding, their own applied balance between sensory input and motor output, through our primitive (infant) reflex movement based (neonatal reflex integration) approach.


We promote with that a natural multiple sensory modality and neuroplastic-learning therapy practice, that targets specific neurodevelopment on an individual level. 


Retracing and strengthening or 

retraining and remapping healthy nervous system function


We put into practice sound-vibration methodologies and technologies, aiding the healthy balancing of the sympathetic (fight and flight response) and parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response).


We aid the individuals central nervous system and with that support a balanced response of the entire chain of peripheral nervous system, via dynamic multidimensional and applied practice of real life functional movements.


Our movement methodologies evolve in great part over the 7 spinal movements humans are capable of performing. They support injury prevention, speeded recovery and benefit virtually every aspect of clients individual life.


We look to positively boost the entire nervous system and wellbeing of our clients, through the promotion of a balanced lifestyle for a healthier somatic and autonomic nervous systems chain response.

A human birthright of an innate energetic self-healing of the body, that can only thrive if the individual aims with healthy balance of stewardship and self-support. 

An “ill condition” cannot become such friend, 

that we hang on to “the old familiar” and hinder our healthy cell communications 

This in the end, would override what is restorative to our own wellbeing


Release bundles of dysfunctional energy from your cells, 

as dysfunctional cell communication often roots back to 

habitual negative observations.

We recognize the inborn need of each client being allowed to foster the deep rooted inner child connections, we all at any age still carry with us. 

With that stated we highlight in our work that all children have an instinctive need to move. Movement through healthy guided sensory input and healthy motor output is crucial, it supports in great part the developing and strengthening of the entire nervous system function throughout our life.

It is therefore also equally vital that all children regardless of their age, be given space and opportunity for hands-on learning, playful exploration, discovery, and room for digestion of what was learned in order to grow.

In short they all aid in maximizing the plasticity potential in the brain and the need of healthy cortical remapping and with that the promotion of a balanced, founded, and more grounded wellbeing in each client.


We encourage energetic healing and forgiveness work and the realigning of healthy perception, beliefs and thought processing, remembering it takes focus on health rather than illness and positive vs. negative, for wellbeing be allowed to unfold.

“It bears repeating that our thoughts also have power and energy;

they immediately affect our DNA and thus cellular function throughout the body.

Thoughts are like magnets, either attracting or repelling.

It is therefore important to be aware of thoughts and feelings at all times.”

Shannon McRae, PhD

We recognize the need of and support the individuals healthy development, in areas where healthy growth may have gotten emotionally stumped and past traumatic experiences hindered a healthy nervous system response.


We recognized the need to be heard in a safe environment and provide beyond our scope of practice, trusted professional counseling resources.


We refer out to other professional resources when ever needed as well and in order to cover any in depth needs of our clients, that we may feel are beyond our scope of practice.

The vital supporting via trusted professional services alongside our own combined work with our clients, further promotes our clients desired overall healthy holistic growth and developmental progress goals.

“The unhealthy cholesterol was always an effect of 

either a person giving up (psychologically) on something, 

or not wanting to be hurt again — or eating junk food…”

Shannon McRae, PhD

We foster the holistic release of any surfacing stressors in the physical body and through our uniquely targeted therapeutic approach the nurtured boosting of the entire nervous system function.

“The fascia must be looked upon as a single organ, a unified whole,

the environment in which all body systems function.”  

DR. Pischinger



Rethink support, how it is widely implemented and thought of.


Get to know us and discover; 

  • Individualized support for any age or setback 

  • Holistic methodologies, addressing the individuals needs in development of; cognitive, physical, social, emotional, creative, spiritual wellbeing 

  • Assessment of lifestyle and incremental reviews, optimizing the achieving of personal wellbeing goals

  • Fostering of self awareness and the promotion of activating innate healing capabilities for optimized self renewal

  • Movement education, promoting physical and mental reorganization support, in light of self identified restrictive and disorganized movement patterns 

  • Sensory-motor approaches, exploring neurological connections as a whole and the supporting of the individual optimized healthy holistic body function

  • Education in recognizing and self-releasing restrictive patterns in muscles and fascia tissue, for total body integration and further boost the innate healing capabilities alike 

  • Sound-vibration methodologies and technologies, in promotion of a healthier rest and digest response (parasympathetic nervous system)

  • Promotion of overall balanced lifestyle

  • Encouragement and accountability through a committed relationship of both parties 

  • Promotion of mutual honesty, open-mindedness, self-awareness and integrity

  • Sensible, safe and healthy emotional expression, in sight of a positive holistic transformation and improved wellbeing

  • Equipment rental option, providing ongoing strategic self-care support options, (sufficient understanding of equipment usage and approval required)

Love’s Touch 

"When love touches the broken it repairs,

when love acknowledges the hidden it builds confidence,

when love lances out to the deep, it walks on water,

when love is pure it is just, and

when love has a few ingredients it can feed thousands."

  Odell Palacio

It was a great blessing the day I began working with Silke. To engage with a professional who will be interacting with your physical conditions is an important choice. For the past two years, Silke has employed her vast knowledge and principled expertise to address the various issues I have and goals I wish to achieve with sensitivity and intuition.

Silke’s wholistic and disciplined approach at once challenges me, while accepting my abilities and never lowering my confidence. Silke has a generous spirit and a welcoming and non-judgmental approach which encourages me on the journey through my comfort zone toward more balance, stability and health. Thank you, Silke!  

Sunny V.

Silke De Oca
Owner of
Connective Wellbeing 



On your newly set wellness journey and throughout our work together;

feel encouraged, supported and inspired, wrapped in the affectionate warmth of personal care and with the professional integrity you deserve.

Silke is a listed Practitioner with, 

  • Epidemic Answers 

  • The Autism Society of Oregon 


  • Christian Healthcare Ministries (Members can find us after logging in under Family/General/Alternative)

  • Alternative Balance

She had the pleasure to train with certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainers;

  • Emma Kingston

  • Victoria Limadibrata

  • Miriam Barbosa

  • Dana M. Gingras

  • Chantal Deeble

  • Kathy Van Patten


Certified GYROTONIC® Master Trainers; 

  • Hillary Cartwright & Magali Messac

Professional background, certifications, licensure and training: Here

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