Connective Wellbeing is a private practice space in the suburbs of Portland Oregon.

 We offer non medical family wellness and developmental sessions. 

Our core services look to identifying and boost natural healing opportunities.

Removing the load of constant toxicities that are stress to the nervous system and block the healing that the body can naturally accomplish.


Nipping away on stressors results in successful self-regulation and self-healing of the body. If stressors are ignored or left unattended, they will lead to injuries and result in diseases. 

We aim towards detecting and eliminating any possible stressors or underlying root causes and disturbances, for overall healthy brain-body connectivity and function.


In support of our clients achieving their goals, we integrate a variety of highly effective mind-body based interventions, manipulative or body based methods, that support conventional medical treatments.

In addition we provide an extensive repertoire of professional educational tools, that are inclusive of; neonatal reflex integration, sound vibration, Far Infrared and Chromotherapy services as well as Personalized Health & Wellness Coaching.


At Connective Wellbeing our clients are supported in living a healthier, happier, fulfilled and productive life.

De-stress, detox, decompress, rejuvenate and find non medical and drug free, personalized and overall wellness supporting methods, for your whole family.

Become self-empowered today, to take the reins of your health and wellbeing back into your own hands again. Learn to engage in a close observation of your personal balanced brain-body and nervous system function with tools in hands, where support is needed. 

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We support our clients through a committed relationship of both parties, infused with encouragement and accountability of lifestyle and behavioral modifications and movements, that support the body's innate healing ability.


It is our desire that Connective Wellbeing will serve in great part as a gap bridging resource and connection for like-minded professionals and their clients or patients. A community effort to provide the best resources and services through a solid team approach and that truly has the best interest of their clients and patients in mind.

Willing to go the extra mile with you.

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Some additional staples of our well rounded professional repertoire of services and advocacy of vital educational and alternative health key components.

  • Heirloom & Core Heritage Foods Advocacy

  • Dr. Alan's Lab Resources

  • Whole Body / Nervous System Detox 

  • Proper Sleep Hygiene  

  • Restorative & Functional Movements

  • Dr. Edward's Organic Supplement Resources

  • Reflex & Sensory Integration / Neurodevelopmental Movement Practice

  • Personalized Functional Movement Education, Coaching their Applied-Practice / Key in Prevention & Elimination of Nagging Aches of Structural Disfunction

  • All Inclusive Stress Management 

  •  Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Optimization of Individuals Own Innate Healing Capabilities 

  • Increase of Rest & Digest Response / Parasympathetic Nervous System

  • European Infant and Baby Massage Techniques |Gymnastic | Tummy Time​

  • Neurodevelopmental Support

  • TMJ Support

  • Isometric Pressure

  • Rhythmical Musical Movement Education

  • Sound Vibration

  • By a Doctor Developed Far Infrared Therapy Technology & Chromotherapy ( Light-Therapy )

  • GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Therapeutic Movements

  • Doctor Recommended Pure Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  • Autism, ADD/ADHD, RMD, Reading & Writing and Dyscalculia, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer and other Setback Support

  • Autoimmune Disease Support​​


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I applied reflex and sensory integration movement every morning about 10 minutes, it helps me to relax, to straighten my body position. I feel more awake, more alert, active, and happy. And my body shapes changed and looks nice. My husband told me to continue with the movements, it’s helping me to live a better life. 

Reflex and sensory integration influenced me very much. I am more encourage and it inspired me to do more activities. I used to be very tired on the end of the day, but now I have more energy. I am willing to follow my husband's advice and eat healthy and get healthy. 

Thank you so much for your help, Silke! You really helped me to live better life! I thank God for sending me precious friend like you. I will continue to work on the reflex and sensory integration movements and diet, exercise, and live a better life. Thank you again.


Client with Schizophrenia Disorder 

Silke De Oca

Owner of Connective Wellbeing 


I love, I’m thankful and passionate to share all that I was allowed to learn in my lifetime, and knowing the seemingly impossible is possible. Always! 


My personal story is as all of ours, in part a testimony to the daily lies we are oblivious in excepting and sadly often unknowingly partaking in.



Deception is the game in this worldly world, diluting by designed intent and purpose, it is driven by fear and greed. 

The attempt, to reach and leach into all areas of our life and being.


Choosing wisely and rejecting wisely, will be a lifelong practice. 


I am extremely thankful and honored for being allowed to share with so many, which I was allowed to understand. 


I look forward to the opportunity of making a positive difference in the life's of others and remain hopeful in being allowed to do so.

Silke is a Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

She is a listed practitioner with, 


Professional background, certifications and training:   Here 

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Clients may choose to use this service on their own, as an add-on to our services, or in combination with us together.

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