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Connective Wellbeing LLC

Family Wellness & Developmental Sessions

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Privacy & Disclaimer

Booking & Cancellation Policies 

Please be advised that prior registration for all sessions and services is required and that there is a 24hr sign up & cancellation deadline in place for all sessions and services. 

         All summer package deals do not carry over into October!

Your Upcoming Visits | General Health & Wellness Etiquettes

Our private business setting, requires us to consistently take a progressive approach of disinfecting, in order to provide you with a worry free and more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

In addition, our small and private settings, with one-on-one, Zoom and phone sessions, keeps the risk of contracting viruses or bacteria to a minimum. 


Cold’s, Flu’s & In General 

  • If you do not feel well, stay home!

  • Do not come to sessions, until 24 hours after the last occurrence of any fever, diarrhea or vomiting 


The corona virus may very well be here to stay and we could expect to hear about cases in the future and quite possibly even seasonal occurrences. 

  • Do not come to your sessions with a fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat

  • If you have been around someone or taken care of someone confirmed, or a short while later confirmed with COVID-19, please wait up to 14 days before you come to your next session, making sure you are not infected

  • Please visit the CDC website for the latest detailed information and guidelines,


Seasonal Allergies

If you are effected by seasonal allergies and /or asthma related congestions, teary eyes, cough, etc., we request that you bring a note from your doctor, to confirm this. We don’t want to send you home unnecessarily, thinking you are sick. 


Cancellation Due to Health Concerns

We have never and at this point don’t plan on, charging for sessions canceled under 24 hours, due to illness.


***Please be advised that we will be sending any client immediately home before they enter our premisses (screening at the door), should they show up with any cold or flue symptoms, despite given notice.  In this event clients can expect to be charged for their session in addition.


Bring Your Own Straps 

You can bing you own straps to your sessions if desired. We recommend 9” (22.86 centimeters) straps/wide.

Here are two resources to purchase them. 



We promote wearing slip proof socks at Connective Wellbeing, that allow plenty of space for toe movement.


The best way to enjoy health and wellness is to adapt in general and to be more resilient to illnesses. That means becoming and aiming to stay healthier and to reduce the stressors for our body’s systems. By doing so, we start to strengthen and boost our immune system and in the end the enjoyment of what life has to offer us.


Some of our simple tips, to get you started;

  • Get moving and embrace a walk in the sunshine and enjoy natures spring changes

  • Find more balance in all areas of your own personal being and overall life

  • Adequate & quality sleep

  • Healthy amounts of clean, non toxic water 

  • Recall at least 5 things your thankful for every time you feel negativities & fears cramping your space  

  • Eat more fruits & vegetables and real food

  • Fresh air everyday & including airing out the house for at least 10-15 minutes

  • Surround yourself with positive people

  • Ditch the overall toxic load in your life

Did you know?

It is said that for 1 message the brain sends to the stomach, the stomach sends about nine messages to the brain. Meaning your stomach health is vital for your brain health, which is important to your overall health!



  • In public it's better to not shake hands - use "elbow bumps", friendly hi, etc. instead 

  • Wash hands thoroughly and frequently for 30 seconds, making sure to rub around the cuticles, between the finger, wrist, palms and the back of hands and if needed forearms 

  • Use non toxic foam soap and where not available non toxic hand sanitizers

  • Cleaning and disinfecting visible dirty surfaces including door handles and other "high traffic" areas, etc

  • Cough or sneeze into elbow crease 

  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth, nose or ears, especially when out and about or without prior, proper hand washing

  • At home, collect used tissues in toilet and flush in between throughout the day

  • If that is not possible, collect tissues in airtight option, like a “Zip-lock” bag 

  • Use no toxic moisturizer for your hands. Your skin is your biggest organ, frequent hand washing can result in dry or even cracked skin, that can potentially leave you exposed to contracting infections. 


30 minute free Health & Wellness Boost Consultation

If you are interested in learning how you personally can reduce the stressors in your life and those to your body, then by all means…

 Contact Us Today! 


Sessions, content of such and/or services including but not limited to any that fall under the methods of RMTi™ and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®are trademarked and under strictly enforced regulations.


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Connective Wellbeing LLC, is a faith-based business and this may be reflected in sessions and services.


No medical diagnosis, prognosis or treatment are ever expressed or implied in any of the sessions or services, in any other available materials of Connective Wellbeing LLC, its Website and Blog or from its owner, agents, independent contractors, employees, instructors, volunteers and/or staff at anytime. The information on Connective Wellbeing LLC Website and Blog in any of the sessions or services and in any other available materials of Connective Wellbeing LLC, is meant to be informative and educational. Any recommendations are always voluntary in application. The reader is strongly advised to consult with their physician before enrolling themselves or any dependent, in listed sessions and services. Connective Wellbeing LLC, its owner and agents, independent contractors, employees, instructors, volunteers and/or staff, hold no responsibility to any person or entity for any damages caused or alleged damages caused whether indirectly or directly as a consequence; of the interpretation of any of the here after presented information or the interpretation of this information, including that in any of the sessions and services, any other available materials, the use of Connective Wellbeing LLC's Website and Blog or its applications. It furthermore extends to any damages caused or alleged damages caused whether indirectly or directly as a consequence of, the use of any of the equipment in sessions and services, the facilities where sessions and services are held by Connective Wellbeing LLC, or any premises on which Connective Wellbeing LLC is located or holds sessions and services. The owner of and Connective Wellbeing LLC, its agents, independent contractors, employees, instructors, volunteers and/or staff, are not liable for any demands, claims, damages, actions or causes of action whatsoever, to person or property, arising from or connected with such use. The use of Connective Wellbeing LLC sessions and services and the facilities where such sessions and services are held, or any premises on which Connective Wellbeing LLC is located or holds sessions and services, the use of any of the equipment and the applying of any of the information on Connective Wellbeing LLC Website and Blog, any other available materials and that in sessions and services, in any of the facilities used by Connective Wellbeing LLC, will be at your own risk.

Resources & Products Area

After giving it deep thought and consideration, we have decided that Connective Wellbeing and its owner will not promote other companies products through an affiliated account.

The decision was made keeping in mind, that the potential negative energy surrounding such connections is disruptive at best and takes the focus away from our core services provided.

In the end, we all are free to choose from an array of available products and companies, on today’s market. We always hope you choose wisely, after you have taken the time to research our recommendations. The application of such, is always considered voluntary in application. 

You are always in charge over the outcome of your health and wellbeing.

The Duffel Stuffel Program

When you choose to adopt this program, you are responsible for your own Duffel Stuffel Events, duffel or diaper bags and the items placed in these bags. The Duffel Stuffel is simply a Program written, so that anyone may adopt the program to help children in need. The owner of Connective Wellbeing, Connective Wellbeing LLC or any of the volunteers or the location of where items are collected for this program, are not responsible for any part of your Duffel Stuffel Events, duffel or diaper bags and the items placed in these bags!

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COPPA (Child Online Protection Act )

Connective Wellbeing LLC serves the whole family. 

However, any minor under the age of 18 enrolled into or using any of our services or sessions, is required to be enrolled or signed up by their legal parent and/or guardian.

We do not address anyone independently ever under the age of 18, to enroll or use our services, if it may be in conjunction with this website, or any other marketing materials.

Should you as the parent or guardian become aware that your child/ren have disclosed to us any of their personal data, please contact us immediately, so we can take the needed steps to remove such data. We on our behalf, should and when we become aware that we have collected personal data from children under the age of 18 and without the verification of parental consent, will always take immediately steps to remove any and all of such data. 

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It is necessary to collected your data for the purpose of, 

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On occasions when a new professional article is posted to the Healthy Living category of our blog, you may receive a notification via email. 


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Online Payment

Currently accept are, 

  • Cash, check, card payments (PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discovery) in person

  • Card payments online or in person when booking a service, in the form of PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discovery Card. 

  • Monthly Subscriptions and Payment Plans are available


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