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Would you be surprised to hear that, 

  • doTERRA® is the #1 Essential Oil provider?

  • doTERRA® offers Health Clinics in some States?

  • Essential Oils have NO Proteins?

  • Essential Oil molecules could in,

  1. 22 seconds reach the brain? 

  2. 2 minutes be found in the blood          stream?

  3. 20 minutes positively effect every cell of your body?

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Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Essential Oils

Available International

Silke De Oca, is a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA®, in oder to provide her clients and community with the consistency of same quality standards in each product, that only this company certifies to offer. 

You are always able to shop hassle free, with no minimum order required, by choosing from the following options:

  • Retail

  • Wholesale

  • Wellness Advocate

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Europe + ANZ




by Momentum World


Bring your own straps to your workout.

Make straps and other Pilates &  GYROTONIC® Accessories available to your clients.



Did you ever wish you could make the world a little bit of a better place, by having your own bee colony?

Yet the thought of it seemed daunting and perhaps somewhat dangerous?


What if we told you that you might actually be able to pull this off? 

How does harvesting your very own 

beelicious honey in a more simplistic way, sound to you?

This is an excellent opportunity for; rooftop green spaces, non-profits, companies,

individuals, families, homeschoolers and as well as for some schools.

These unique products offer an excellent educational opportunity, in the hands of just the right educator.

To learn more what the buzzing is all about, click on the little bee above!

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