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Let's have a closer look and gain inside understanding of

the importance of optimized Nervous System function.

The Nervous System

has 2 Divisions:

  • Central Nervous System

Brain & Spinal Cord

(reptilian brain - fight or flight reaction)

  • Peripheral Nervous System

Has 2 Divisions:

Autonomic and Somatic

Autonomic Nervous System


Internal Organs & Glands

Has 2 Divisions:

  • Sympathetic Nervous System

                                     Fight or Flight

  • Parasympathetic Nervous System

                                      Rest & Digest

Somatic Nervous System


Sense Organs & Voluntary Muscles

Has 2 Divisions:

  • Sensory Nervous System


  • Motor Nervous System



Take your time reading and come back to our website as needed,

maybe with a cup of good herbal tea at hand and then read some more.

No Stress, right?

The neural networks of our brain are constantly changing, with that also the growth or lack thereof. It is a reorganization and systematic adjustment, a process that is also known as a cortical remapping process.


Ideally a positive and proactive lifestyle, as we promote and nurture at Connective Wellbeing, supports preferred circuit and network changes in holistic body communication and function.


By learning a new ability, the active applied practice of such and also in particular rhythmically related movements. 

Boosting positive overall environmental influences, inclusive of relationships and the elimination of personal lifestyle stressors.

Fun-facts and Highlight to consider;

  • Vagus Nerve "the main nerve", is more connected to the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Fascia Tissue, the second Nervous System is thought to be the body's single largest organ

  • The Fascia Tissue is a fibrous web extending into every structure and system of the body

  • Physical and emotional pain are connected and for this we need to look at the brain, nerves, and Sensory-Motor Systems

  • Inflammation is a Chemical Mediator

  • Fascia release during movements can bring with it an emotional response and not uncommonly also tears. Consider these tears to be restorative tears and that it is a flushing out of stress related chemicals. Chemicals that can be seen as part of a traumatic experience to the Nervous System. A response that can also unfold through the releasing of a past emotional injury, that once became stuck in the Fascia Tissue via a whole body Nervous System Response. Once released these tears allow for a heightened Parasympathetic Nervous System Response, that in turn brings with it a holistic calming and relaxation effect for the body. They are a sign of “coming full circle” in a whole body grievance involved process. See them as an "unlocking of the door for final release" and new found freedom in which fuller flow and connectivity unfolds. As a holistic embrace deep within the cellular structure and the entire body moving forward in a fundamental wellness supporting way.

  • Microbiomes make up part of the Enteric Nervous System, a inter-cellular-communication and messaging pathway, even between distant tissues and organs

  • There is talk in advanced scientific research, that indicates certain cells of the connective tissues have not only direct communication ability to the Nervous System, but that they can also communicate with each other and over great distances

  • Consider what the many stressors to the body can be and that stressors in the end simply hinder our resilience. Resilience that we would otherwise have and that assures our proper connectivity through proper flow, function, strength and flexibility in pliability

  • Stressors harden not only the tissue by a constrictive reaction and temporary overconsumption of vital nutrient essential to proper Nervous System function, but also the ability of our thought processing by constricting holistic balanced flow in the body. Hint, just look above at the Vagal Nerve health (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System imbalance) under the header of the Peripheral Nervous System

  • Such constricting of holistic balanced flow in the body is in the end a “Filtering Constriction” or “Sensory Overload and Processing Constrain”, that affects reflex and sensory processing abilities. These abilities are also in turn visible in outward movement functions via the Somatic Nervous System with Sensory Nervous System Input and Motor Nervous System Output

  • Reflex and sensory integration go hand in hand, an inseparable and "collaborative" process 

  • Stress affecting reflex and sensory processing capability, will also impact all others areas of our life and hinder a healthy processing ability and reactive emotional function in consideration with;

- Self (as mentioned above also inclusive biological functions within)

- Others 

- God (we all have one, even if we don’t believe)


The good news is no-one is ever done developing proper holistic body communication possibilities, nor should have taken away this wonderful opportunity that can be seen as a gift.

Realize that this innate development opportunity is not dependent on your age and it is always in your hands to improve your holistic body communication and function.

Your persistent efforts will in the end only improve your overall health and wellbeing and quality of life experience.

The need of mending and aiding the entire body

by boosting innate healing capabilities is absolutely essential.

What if we could, through boosting our nervous system or vagal function, be well on our way of optimizing our own resilience, recover from injury with boosted immune system and great overall connectivity and function? 

The mere fact is we all mostly unknowingly experience little injuries to the nervous system every day and many have experienced these already at the very beginning of life.  

  • What do we do about them or can we even do anything about them?

  • Do we let them build up over time until we experience symptoms of sorts, or would we be better served to take a preventative and fortifying approach?

Now what if learning how to best do all of this could be a fun achievable lifestyle choice? ....Something that is simple, foundational, easy, fun, non medical and affordable.

Our movement methodologies have far-reaching therapeutic benefits.

They evolve in great part around 7 available movements of the spine and the very foundational and fundamental innate movements, we all should have maximized on as embryos and in the first years of life.

  • Gentle, rhythmical and uniquely therapeutic movements, support us at any age or movement capability.

  • They recap, re-establish and support the need of continued development in the young or those experiencing setbacks in life.

  • They offer the vital preventative fortifying maintenance support, we all so desperately need these days.

Prevention and maximizing our personal best recovery, by boosting our innate healing capabilities, is of the utmost importance for anyone. Something we should be working on, no matter who we are and in order to have a better quality of life in the long run.

If you are capable of blinking an eye, there is hope of betterment and improvement.

Learn and explore with us what might have gotten lost in your family over the past generations, or what possibly could have never been fully established or rectified, to enjoy maximized health and wellbeing.

Our professional focus is the unlocking of each individual clients potential, in the areas of the Physical - Cognitive - Social - Emotional - Intellectual - Creative - Spiritual Wellbeing, the proper development thereof and the continuing nurturing of a holistic development at any age.

What you learn becomes innate and with that is yours to keep. It can be passed down naturally, to the next generations.

Man Walking in Fields









You don't have to be able to run up a hill

as proof that you are healthy,

nor in order to be happy!

Your journey, your journey.



Everyone else's journey is already taken.

You can only change yourself.


Your best,

is not everyone else's best. 









With Yourself or Others

You have one life to live, start living it today!

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