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Silke's Bio


Silke De Oca

Professional background, certifications and training 

Born and raised in Germany, Silke benefitted from a multicultural upbringing, during a time when Germany became a central melting-pot in Europe. This aspect and also her own family's diversity, helps her greatly relate to other cultures.


State Board Certified in Schleswig-Holstein Germany in the field of childhood education, growth, development and care, her profession is an independent professional board certified licensure, that is nestled within the Social Pedagogical Professional group and with that part of the Professional Field of Social & Health Services, under the department of Health & Human Services of Germany. 

The practical application of this profession is in kindergartens/preschools and nurseries, academic facilities, community churches, residential homes for people with disabilities, counseling centers, child and youth orphanages. 

Work can involve outpatient services in children’s hospitals, as well as in newborn nurseries and neonatal care units, or in a patients room as well as in recreation, vacation and private dwellings as an additional specialist. 

Licensure qualifies Silke for the professional work with children, that includes the fostering, educating, supervising, care giving and nurturing of infants, children and youth between the ages of 0-14, as an independent support professional in a network of the Professional Field of Social & Health Services. 

Work specific areas can incorporate replacement of parent(s)/guardian in crisis situation. This profession uses a whole child, holistic educational and therapeutic approach, drawing from and applying a combination of theories and practice of education and care. This incorporates amongst others, Psychology, Education, Philosophy, Illness- and Healthcare (in particular for Infants), Sociology and Social-pedagogic, Didactic and Methodic in the work with children. 

The profession is a valuable asset in the developmental preventative and holistic-corrective work with children. Work is done alongside other professionals and under special circumstances, in conjunction of the work of Social Workers, Family Therapists, Teachers and Health Care Professionals. The general goal is to better and benefit the wellbeing of children inclusive within their family structure, through collaboration, sharing and applying of social-socio pedagogic concepts, goals, theoretical understandings and knowledge within a greater team. 

Helping children and youth develop and thrive in the world and strengthening their healthy holistic development, is the mission of this profession.

Silke’s training incorporated 2,800hrs in classroom time and 1 year of professional field training.
It also required 4 hours of regular weekly practical hours working with children in a Kindergarten setting and a 4/week annual field training, involving specific work with infants and the work with children in a Kindergarten setting. 

Silke achieved her State Board Certification and Licensure in Germany, in 1985 


Silke’s German professional background gives strong focus on the holistic development and needs of the Physical - Cognitive - Social - Emotional - Intellectual - Creative - Spiritual Wellbeing and of the proper development thereof. 


Below are some, of the listed facets incorporated into Silke’s professional training;

  • Sociology & Cultures

  • Economy, Society & Politics

  • Psychology, Social Pedagogy Education and Theory & Practice

  • Developmentally Appropriate Methodologies and Theories and Practice 

  • Sociology and Social Pedagogic Didactic and Methodic in the work with children 

  • Religions, Ethics & Philosophy 

  • Culinary Lab

  • Nutrition / Dietetics Education

  • Health, Hygiene & Science

  • House & Laundry Care

  • Apparel Lab & Textiles

  • Home Economics (Home Management and Design, Budgeting and Economics, Education and Community Awareness)  

  • Holistic approach, didactics and therapeutic interventions though; 

       - Music, Rhythm Movement, Sound Pedagogy

       - Play & Game Pedagogy

       - Children's / Juvenile Literature & Media Studies

       - Art Didactics

       - Creative Design & Creative Expression

       - Sensory Stimulation & Support of Cognitive Development

  • Language & Support of Language Development

  • Development & Support of Social-Emotional Development

  • Promotion, Support & Maintenance of Physical Development

  • Promotion, Support & Maintenance of Holistic Health & Wellness

  • Physical Education Pedagogy

  • Child Development & Education 

  • Development & Education and the Support of Communication

  • Reflex Development & Support

  • Infant Care

  • Infant Massage

  • Infant Gymnastics

  • Infants Structural Alignment Support 


Silke now has a combined 30 years of experience in her profession, both in Germany and in America. These years include developing her own curriculums and working many years in a leadership position. 

Some professional and employment highlights,

  • Sozialpädagogische Fachschule / Community College in Germany

       - Community College Kindergarten Integration Group

       - Serving along with all other professional staff as a consistent professional contact person for the students enrolled at the facility

  • Leadership positions in the private sector in America

  • Development of her curriculums

  • Foreign Language Immersion School

  • Director positions of Early Childhood Education

  • American elementary school system / one-on-one and group settings

       - Kindergarten

       - ESL

       - Special Education (ALC, BLC)

  • Special Groups Coordinator

  • Form 1991-1992, Silke took several private trainings sessions weekly, from a Physical Therapist in functional movement practices. These sessions deepened greatly her understanding of the body and also at the time how to best handle her own spinal cord injury.

Additional Certifications & Licenses

Movement Based Therapies:

  • Certified / Licensed GYROKINESIS® Trainer / 2014

  • Certified / Licensed RMTi™ Consultant / 2016    

       (Rhythmic Movement Training International / Reflex & Sensory Integration)​

  • Certified / Licensed GYROTONIC® Trainer / 2018 


  • Certified Complementary Therapist / 2015

  • Certified Christian Counselor / 2016

  • Board Certified Health Coach / 2023

  • Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner / 2023


Additional professional training and workshops:

  • RMTi™ (Rhythmic Movement Training) - Sonia Story of Move Play Thrive

       - Focus, Organization & Comprehension

       - Emotions, Memory & Behavior

       - Reading & Writing

       - Face The Fear (Fear Paralysis and with related areas) - Moira Dempsey, Founder of Rhythmic Movement      Training International

  • GYROTONIC® Specialized Course Applications for Healing & Rejuvenating the Hands & Feet

  • GYROKINESIS® Specialized Course Applications for Healing & Rejuvenating the Hands & Feet

  • Yoga for Dancers

  • GYROTONIC® Hand & Feet Workshop Series 

  • GYROKINESIS® 90 min. Sequence 3-Class-Workshop

  • GYROKINESIS® Standing Workshop 

  • GYROKINESIS® Foot & Hand Workshop Series

  • GYROKINESIS® Level 1 Update Course

  • Pilates Workshop - Get Your Gluts On

  • Franklin Method - Pelvis Workshop

  • The 3 Stands (TM) of the Nurtured Heart Approach

  • Stewards of Children® Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

  • A Focused Approach to Systematic ELD Instruction 

  • Strategies for Working with English Language Learners

  • How The Brain Works

  • Strategies for Working with Sp Ed (Special Education) Students

  • O.S.H.A. Health Training Working with Children 

  • Personality Inventory & Teamwork 

  • Humor, Laughter and Happiness in Young Children 

  • Positive Discipline in Young Children

  • Building a Brighter World for Children 

  • Functional Movement Practice

  • And many other workshop…



With additional training added Silke expanded her professional field to serving the entire family. 


Silke combines today under the header Holistic, the following specifics,

Postural Alignment & Development

Child Development

Personalized Health & Wellness Coaching


Her professional aim is the unlocking of each individual client's holistic potential, in the developmental areas of; 

Physical - Cognitive - Social - Emotional - Intellectual - Creative - Spiritual Wellbeing and the continued nurturing of a holistic development at any age or ability.


Her core services today aim with this towards optimizing in each client their individual healthy holistic body connectivity and function.


Silke looks at the underlying root causes that may restrict a person from maximizing their natural body movements on a truly deeper and connective level, going back to foundational development of the individual.

She supports her clients in learning to take charge of their own life, or that of those under their care, by identifying and eliminating possible root causes hindering overall development and good holistic health and wellness in their life. 


In support of her clients achieving their goals, Silke integrates a variety of highly effective mind-body based interventions, manipulative, or body based methods that support conventional medical treatments.

These are de-stressing, detoxing, decompressing, rejuvenating and overall health and wellness supporting methods. 


In addition Silke makes available and incorporates into her framework, Far Infrared Therapy Services, 3D Oscillation, Chromotherapy and Essential Oils. 


Additionally customized and tailored to each clients needs weekly available services, which aid in great part the maintenance efforts of detoxification, structural alignment and balancing of the entire person. All these offer specific boosting of the parasympathetic nervous system.


You may have found Silke volunteering at Good Samaritan Ministries International Headquarters (GSM), where she graduated with a certification as a Christian Lay Counselor, or for Connective Wellbeing's outreach program "The Duffel Stuffel”. The outreach program was umbrellaed by GSM and provided support for children in need.

Silke is as a listed practitioner with, 

  • Epidemic Answers

  • The Autism Society of Oregon


  • Christian Healthcare Ministries under Family/General/Alternative

  • Alternative Balance 

When Silke is not working on developing and fine-tuning herself, business, and curriculums, she enjoy’s and values quality time spent with her friends and family. She loves adventures in the great outdoors with her sweet husband George.



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