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Welcome to
Connective Wellbeing

Where We Make Your Health & Wellbeing Our Priority

Serving The Whole Family

Your Drug-Free, Non-Medical Opportunity To Enjoy A Healthier Life



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Most Of Us,

Make Excuses And Have

Trouble Navigating Choices

We Simply Desire More Peace, Stability, Balance,

Better Health And A More Joyful Life


We Want To Be Heard And Know,

Someone Truly Takes The Time To Care


Taking Care Of Your Health

Should Not Be A Hassle Or Complex Mess.


Start By Placing Your Health & Wellbeing

In A New Found Way At The Forefront

Of Your Decision Making!

And This, Despite Any Life Challenging Circumstances.


Stop Circling & Start To Feel Empowered Today!




The 360° Lens is a Comprehensive Lifestyle "Spring Cleaning". 

Our Methodologies And Services Provide Neurodevelopmental Education

On A Holistic And Individual Bases For Our Clients.


What we are able to uniquely provide our clients, is what makes us stand out.

We do not fit under any "industry standardizing header category". 


Holistic Education & Rejuvenation of the Nervous System,

is the key and fitting expression.











It Is Possible To Nurture A Holistic Development At Any Age 

We offer you,

  • Holistic Bodywork

  • Wellness Consults & Coaching

  • Multidimensional Movement Practice

  • Children's Wellbeing Courses

  • Wellness Spa


Our professional aim is the unlocking of each individual clients

holistic potential, in the developmental areas of; 



Social - Emotional



Spiritual Wellbeing



Silke is a generous, knowledgeable, and caring wellness practitioner who works from a deep well of resources and understanding. I have personally found her reflex & sensory integration work and her Clearlight™ Far Infrared Therapy to be very beneficial and continue to incorporate it as a vital part of my regular self care practice. 

Silke draws from a vast and diverse array of teachings, trainings, background and life experiences to meet each client where they are and assist them in moving forward on all levels, in a profound and significant way. 

As a fellow GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Trainer and a client, I have very much appreciated Silke's authentic perspective, explorative curiosity and sincere depth that she applies to every aspect of her life. 

Silke has been an essential part of my own healing journey and I look forward to having my children benefit from her expertise as well, in the near future. 

Adrienne Hays

owner of 

North Star Bodywork & Physical Therapy LLC

Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release® Therapist 


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, BS

What if you were the only thing holding yourself back and the

possibilities of improvements would really not be so limited as it may seem?

If it is true that in a healthy person the,

  • Stomach is brand new every 2-9 days

  • Lungs are brand new every 2-3 weeks

  • Colon is completely new every 2-3 days

  • Skin is brand new in as little as 14 days

  • Red blood cells are all new every four months 

  • Skeleton and bones renew themselves by 10% every year

  • Heart muscle cells are renewed 24/7

  • Blood platelets are replaced every 10 days

  • Liver is 100% new every five months

  • Tastebuds are all new every 10 days

  • Joint & cartilage cells are constantly renewed 

There are then only two simple, yet vital questions to ask:


What are you doing to support this process?

What are you doing to hinder this process?

Consider the gift of your amazing innate healing capability for a moment

and its possibilities for your future health and wellbeing.



Get to know us and learn how you can team up with us, 

to boost your Holistic Body Function.

Consider going on a Journey of a Lifetime with us! 


"I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten..."




Through Silke's reflex and sensory integration work and the past free Healthy Moves Community Classes at Good Samaritan Ministries, I have gained better circulation, I am less dizzy, lost weight, feel more energy and experience flexibility. Silke is a great teacher! So helpful and kind. She makes becoming healthy easy.


Balance Me SessionsI’m feeling great, especially my head, sinuses, and neck feel much better after ‘Balance Me’ 


I am healthier and functioning better because of Silke’s encouragement during the past 10 years.

I appreciate her patience and good advice. I trust Silke. She has been a great resource of holistic wellness information. I lost about 30 pounds and changed my eating habits. I feel great. 


I appreciate your friendship as well as your professionalism. 



Rinda L.

Learning how to take care of our own body is fundamentally vital!

Investing in yourself, fortifying and taking with that

good care of yourself, is essential.

SelfCare is NOT Selfish

You cannot be productive or give anything when you are worn-out.

We Support The Entire Family



Faith-Based Holistic Wellness Support


Don't Wait, Schedule Your Free Consultation



My experience at Connective Wellbeing has been one of discovery and healing, both physically and emotionally.

Silke has provided a safe place to be able to breath and get to the root of issues that have been blocking my body to function as a whole balanced.

She has used different methods all of which were tailored to my ability to create ease.


I’m so happy that I have made the time to use the far infrared therapy  I look forward to sitting and relaxing, while enjoying the benefits. 

My shoulder pain and stiffness is lessening along with a healthy glow to my skin.


Deeanna Morse

Agent, Equity Oregon

Co-owner of

Spruce Street Salon


Your New Wellness Lifestyle 

 Picture a Year from now...

"Good things aren’t supposed to just fall into your lap.
God is very generous, but he expects you to do your part first."

Audrey Hepburn

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