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Connective Wellbeing LLC

Family Wellness & Developmental Sessions

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Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

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Westside Rental Option for Professionals 

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If you are looking for a convenient place to study on the Westside, you found it! 

Enjoy a welcoming and supportive environment, in a private practice space at Connective Wellbeing.

Less distractions will give you a more focused study time. 

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Optimizing Healthy Brain-Body Connectivity & Function


Are you ready to improve on all levels of your life?

If you have heard or read about Connective Wellbeing and are wondering,

“ Who are the services for? ” or  “ Would I benefit from any of their services? ”

The answer is simple. YES!!!

If you want to improve upon or fine tune, any aspect of your health and wellness,

you have found the right place.

Finding professional support in living healthier is unfortunately becoming a challenging task these days causing stress. Stressors in our society these days also often come from emotional baggage, our belief of ourself or others, eating the wrong foods, physical injuries, etc. Lack of sleep, movement and the inability to detox on a cellular level properly and in all other areas of life, can add other destructive layers to the equation. Navigating, researching, staying focused in life and reaching our goals can become challenging and overwhelming.

Some of the root causes of stress in our life can even date back to the earliest days after conception and development during the fist year of life. A hindering of proper development, that can cause unnecessary stress to the body's systems.

By recapping and then supporting any missed development to actually take place, the nervous system can experience a tremendous relief. 


Any stress is toxic and brings injuries to our nervous system. It leads to interruption of proper brain-body connectivities and with that functions.

Supporting you in identifying and mending the many effects of the stressors in your life, is at the forefront of our services. With our straight forward targeted approach and highly effective tools offered, we teach you how to successfully navigate and destress. Learn to smooth out any effects of stressors coming your way and start breathing again free and deeply.

Your success is our success, we love to celebrate with our clients in their personal health and wellness victories, small or large. 

We offer uniquely personalized services and invaluable support to any age, ability, need or gender, optimizing in each of our clients healthy brain-body connectivity and function. Learn more HERE


Book a 30 minute free consultation and explore. 

What are you waiting for, START TODAY!


We are grateful to have been allowed to serve and support all those that entered our doors. Their willingness to explore, improve and mend their personal development, has led them directly to new found improved health and wellness. Find out MORE


Thank you for choosing us as part of your support team and your willingness to venture out with us.

You courageously embarked on an adventure with us and learned how to improve your health and wellness. You choose to step into a brighter future!


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Our support services are not dependent on assessments or our Wellness Success Protocols;

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You are the most important person in achieving

health & well being.  


All you really have to do is to take the first little step forward.

You have the ability to improve your quality of life with the willingness to continuously establish new habits, healthy overall connectivity, muscle memories, etc., and adjusting regularly as needed by setting new goals and milestones. 

Nobody said it’s going to be easy, but you might be surprised to find yourself having so much fun along the way.

The focus at Connective Wellbeing is to encourage and support clients in a holistic well rounded approach on their journey to overall health and well being. We essentially aim to help people of all ages find a deeper understanding of the needs of body, soul, spirit and heart

for a better harmonizing connectivity and function. 


Strategizing with parents or guardians can often be an important part of this, and if necessary or needed, the encouragement of forming a solid holistic team of like-minded professionals.

The philosophical meaning of "holistic" is the deep understanding of different components, that are closely intertwined with one another and function as one.


Learn to balance your life better with helpful information, articles, resources, expert advise and more.