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Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Emotional Trauma

by Freda Emmons

The physical body houses the essence of who you are, including your emotions and memories, the delightful and the horrendous. It is very good to take care of your body, to remind yourself that you are of inestimable value. Sometimes, it seems more difficult to acknowledge damaged emotions and overwhelming to seek healing. It takes courage and determination, but painful emotions and memories can be healed and your life transformed.

Good Samaritan Ministries offers counseling and classes, individual and group settings, wrapped in compassionate care of individuals who are hurting. Their services are free, with donations appreciated, that they may continue to serve locally and worldwide. The unique approach GSM utilizes, serving those that are hurting, is remarkable. There is no judgment, no pressure; there is individual compassionate care, encouragement, prayer, and very careful guidance through issues that have caused pain. The variety of classes and counselors offers just the right fit for individual needs.

Those who receive support from Good Samaritan Ministries become life-long friends of the ministry. I am one of those; thirty-five years ago, one of the counselors prayed for my daughter and myself. Great physical healing came to my daughter out of that prayer; it was also the beginning of my emotional healing.

Sometimes, destructive habits cling like ticks to our lives. That has been a problem in my life; I came back to GSM a year ago and attended a DBT class, which offers understanding and constructive ways to avoid engaging in this type of negative behavior. For me, it was picking and biting my fingernails until they would bleed, an awful habit I’ve had since my teen years. With taking the class and learning about the positive choices I could make to take care of my hands, I am now caressing my hands and letting go of the picking. My fingernails are growing and looking healthy. Underlying all of the picking were pesky emotional traumas. The class addressed these with compassion and truths that wheedle-away at them. I feel more balanced and love embracing life, rather than the negative self-talk and looking down on everything and everyone.

Embrace your life, the totality of who you are, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If you need support in any area of your life, seek it with everything that is in you.

If Good Samaritan Ministries Headquarters in Beaverton Oregon or the many locations around the globe, Good Samaritan Ministries is available and equipped to support you.

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