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Healthy Connections - Healthier Life

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The three vital connections to examine

1.) How are Your connections to Your god?

Before you hold your breath, I’m not telling you who your god should be.

By no means or intention, do I form an opinion about your choice.

You see the truth is, we all have a god.

I simply invite you to ask yourself this one question:

“What is the single most important thing before all other in my live?”

“Is it a healthy connection for me?”

2.) How are your connections to those around you?

Think of those in your surrounding environment, on a smaller or larger scale.

How are your relationships?

Are you holding on to those, you should let go of?

Do you need to forgive someone, or do you need to ask for forgiveness?

With that, …Do you live in the Past - Present-time - Future?

3.) How are your connections to yourself?

Do you need to forgive yourself for something?

Do you love, nurture, value, take care of yourself, etc. in a healthy balanced way?

If you have recognized that any of the three areas mentioned above, show signs of disconnect, no reason to panic.

The good news is and with no doubt, you are not the only one!

The answer is simple, take notice that there are areas that need help and then start addressing them.

If you’re still asking as to why you should pay attention to all of this, read on…

Disconnects are like slow steady vibrations of disharmony and can lead to harm.

You see, negative vibrations will shake the foundation and the entire structure which it is build upon. A healthy frame if it was build on a healthy foundation will withstand the force.

Our foundational connections start building in the embryonic stage, where in 5th week in utero the Fear Paralysis Reflex emerges and is followed by the Moro Reflex.

The developmental stages of reflexes work hand in hand with sensory development. Emerging > growth & connections > integrating > next reflex.

Our livelong reflexes will then be our movement patterns, inclusive inward and outward flow and function.

In an ideal world this process is completed at the beginning of your second year of life. However sometimes it is necessary to support or simply strengthen our foundational connections, to ensure the best stability for the frame. Recapping the innate movement patterns involved in our reflex and sensory integration, is a simple process and can be done at any age.

Infants can be supported through the stages as they accrue, whereas those past the first year of life need to consider the developmental timeframe and expect to apply diligence for approximately 12-24 month.

Other aspects such as toxin free whole food intake and regular detoxing, next to other aspects play a vital role here as well.

Connective Wellbeing offers sessions tailored to the individual needs of any age and ability. Supporting and helping you succeed in finding and strengthening your foundations on many connective layers.

Silke De Oca, owner of Connective Wellbeing


Health & Healing

At Connective Wellbeing, we encourage you to always remember, you are indeed designed to be RESILIENT and BOUNCE BACK

Get in contact with us today and learn to pick up the reins of your health and wellbeing and let’s get going with a free consultation TODAY!

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