Designed with Complexity

The underlying complexity of human beings has infinite variation potentials, as each person is special and unique.

Aspects of the emotional or spiritual release are not talked about very often. Feeling taller and lighter can apply to multiple connective levels during movements at the same time.

It is generally also related to a reflex and sensory integration process.

Most don’t know that reflex and sensory integration go hand in hand and that our lifelong reflexes are in fact our movement patterns.

For example, I am going through an integration process of my entire shoulder girdle right now. It has been a gradual and steady process over the last years. I know the shoulders are not separated from the rest of my body and that each applicable reflex connected under the circumstances, needs not only to be addressed during this process, but that they will most likely effect other reflexes in the process. I am also aware and watchful of potential connective emotional aspects, that will in turn come along with spiritual aspects.

The emotional release happens often in conjunction, when "tissue empties" of all that was stuck for too long or needed to be let go of. It can be a wonderful liberating and powerful experience, adding to the “weightless" feeling.

Our intellect with connective components is for most people ahead of the actual tissue release. However, more so often we simply are forgetting or did not know to complete the entire process. It will continue to weigh us down, if left unattended. Therefore completely lift the anchor! Allow yourself to be mindful and look for what thoughts, memories, etc come to your attention and what area of the body is involved, when this happens during movements.

The complexity of a person, in regards to flow, connectivity and function, happens always on multiple levels. Steady strengthening, stretching, toning and ultimately shaping a person in its ENTIRETY, to connective free flowing, proper and ultimate function. The diamond that was in the making revealed.

Clients often express their GYROTONIC® Experience, with its lovely spiraling 3D like movements, as feeling lighter and taller at the end of sessions. I like to be watchful here, as I am always during sessions, of the infinite complexities possible here.


- Dysfunctions in movement patterns, are reflex and sensory related

- Reflex and sensory integration go hand in hand

- Our life long reflexes are our movement patterns!

- Aspects of connectivity, flow and function, include also our emotional wellbeing and spiritual aspects

- Complete the process and lift the anchor!

Silke De Oca, owner of Connective Wellbeing

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