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Connected - Tailored Work - Balanced Harmony

It’s all connected and works only together in harmony with adequate, tailored and balanced support!

….The Body, ….The Body, The Body

It’s all connected and often the needs of our own body (within and also with visual outward appearance) are relate not only to our relationship with Christ, but also to our need of growth with/in Christ.

These are also directly related to our relationships with those around us and our perception of this world and our part or living in this world.

The later if we allow it, can then again and with said example above, directly influence the needs of our own body within, and be visual in our outward appearance.

Our balanced loving relationship with Christ, will allow us not to carry the load and make way for a more enjoyable “ride” through our life.

Our nervous system, overall health and our omission of energy are in direct relations to this as well.

“Let light shine through you, into the darkness…”

…If you are carrying excess, unhealthy physical weight, who’s weight are you carrying?

What is really on the line here and what is attempted to be potentially hindered here?

… If you are grinding your teeth at night, are you trying to keep it together too hard and have maybe for way too long already?

Could this be just another manifestation of carrying too much weight, that in the end is not yours? With that, are you living your life or have you been derailed with your life, into being the expression of someone else shortcomings?

The question to ask would be, Who is causing stress in your body and with that hindering the release thereof?

To whom do you relate all of it?

Remember you can only change yourself, your perception, your reaction, your overall flow and function.

Flow and function applies to all of our inward systems.

It is manifested in our outward appearance as well.

And it is in direct relation to our flow and function and our interactions, with connections in this worldly world.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is releasing what comes up and moving on…

“…We hold every thought captive…” 2 Corinthians 10:5

Looking up and forward is always our best option in everything.

When you inhale, how far does your inhale travel?

Does it reach your chest, you stomach, or your pelvic floor region?

Breath of life was given to you freely and with intend and it is vital for your health and wellbeing.

What is hindering the breath to travel correctly within us, is in most cases simple ourselves. Perception!

Silke De Oca, owner of Connective Wellbeing


Health & Healing

At Connective Wellbeing, we encourage you to always remember, you are indeed designed to be RESILIENT and BOUNCE BACK

Get in contact with us today and learn to pick up the reins of your health and wellbeing and let’s get going with a free consultation TODAY!

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