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It has become widely known that even if dementia has already made a pathway through the brain cells, a consistent high dose of a certain fat can still help. Especially in mild forms of dementia. Waking up, incorporating preventative measures and not sitting back until dementia arrives at your personal door step or of that, of a loved one is key.

Don't wait until it's too late!

This is a hot topic, as many these days are suffering from dement and may be helped. For some the experience could very sadly, be completely avoided.

When a close relative is effected by dementia, it can be a tremendous hardship for the entire family to witness the all so often accompanied and needless sufferings in these cases. Nothing can prepare you for the many accompanied complications. No matter how much we all think we have prepared for old age, most of us do not anticipate or plan for dementia.

What we all should ask is, “What preventative steps could we take today?”

Dementia, is an umbrella terminology indicating decline of cognitive function. Memory losses come often along with other symptoms, like hallucinations, aggressiveness, need of wandering, uneasiness or nervousness and also diminished fine motor skills are amongst others, often experienced side effects.

A proper diagnosis of what type of dementia is presented, is often a challenging task to achieve and so is supporting the loved one, as they are most often oblivious of their state, and think all is just fine. Many of the medical professionals that you might think would be supportive, may turn out to seemingly let the loved one “slip through the gaps”. It may simple be that they don’t see their patients long enough during office visits and have difficulty to differentiate between what is normal behavior or not for their patients. On top of that those effected with dementia and especially at the beginning stages, seems to be often perfectly capable of "keeping it long enough together” to have dementia stay undetected on the “fly” or of fast-past living these days. Then of course there is the aspect of saving cost. Our healthcare systems are not set up in support or better in prevention of this new epidemic.

For any relatives trying to help and support, in a desperate attempt of protecting their loved one, there is all too often little to no help for them to be supported in doing so. Consider the fact that relatives maybe able to voice their concerns, however that is not enough these days. We all have rights after all and that's a good thing. Here is where most come to full circle in trying to help or get help. Heartbreakingly the unthinkable more so often turns out to be, not receiving the proper professional documentations.

This is where other relatives willing to go the extra mile in helping, start the “second round of the help-looping” without success. The need of medical intervention and with that the protection that is urgently needed, can then also not be assured. Even the best general power of attorney or last will and testament in hand, has simply no weight at all at this point. The question to ask yourself is “Can you prove that the loved one cannot take care of themselves any longer?”

There is often little to nothing that a relative or friend can do, but to be supportive in the best way that they are "allowed".

That encompasses then also all too often, sucking up the often accompanied verbal and emotional abuse from their loved one, as that can be widely propelled by the demented person. An array of possible complications, like a weird and unprecedented fixations of the demented person towards a normally unlikely person, can become in addition the new norm.

Then, just when you think circumstances aren’t bad enough already, don’t neglect to think about some of the possible negative engagements and influences of some of the so you thought "other, loving relatives”. How would they react in such circumstances? Could there possibly be more complications on the horizon? How would family-friends and others acquainted with the demented person react? Would they think you are doing all that you can do under the circumstances, or would they consistently nitpick on your action, "or the lack of such"?

In reality often what is left, next to being supportive as best as you can, is staying focused on opportunities of care implementations, that in the end would be so vital.

Self-Care is vital if you are taking care of someone effected by dementia, as supporting can be physically, emotionally and mentally very draining.

It can be like taking care of a child in an adult body walking around in a potentially dangerous field that is filled with gaping holes of banking, shopping, getting to medical appointments, navigating the calendar, taking medication, clothing, washing, etc.

What was once not even given a second thought, starts to become often a repetitive navigation process. Most caretakers will have to try to stay constantly ahead of the game, closing “the holes” or “maneuver their loved one and in addition preferably undetected to avoid potential anger outbursts, around potential obstacles”.

Even with the best intention, unless the dement effected person is willing to receive the diligent methodical and loving care, that is needed to halt or with hope reverse dementia, nothing will happen. In most cases the otherwise mild tempered loved one is as mentioned before, in denial and has on top turned all too often aggressive under developed dementia. There is simply nothing you can do, even the best restorative knowledge you may have been blessed with to acquire, cannot be shared.

The demented loved one is still making their own choices at this stage.

Horrific? All too often sadly and simply true.

Preventative measures are the best.

Did you know that good quality Omega 3 fats ( DHA ) can be a reliable helpers in the fight against dementia?

Did you know that good quality Omega 3 fat can help keep our brain cells busy and can reduces the risk of developing dementia? It has been said that regular and high-dose intakes of maritime omega 3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), can determine the health of our brain...

In the advanced stages however, omega 3 alone may be unlikely to make improvements. This is where a group of fats moved into the focus of the scientific community, it is the group of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's). You may have seen some of these MCT containing bottles pop up in the store shelves lately. They are saturated fats found in coconut oil, palm oil and in smaller quantities also in butter.

Who knew! Out is the margarine, hello butter!

...Or better coconut and palm oil. Needless to say one should certainly consider only organic and also cold pressed.

You might be surprised that there are many articles with amazing results from the practical use of MCT’s, foretelling of measurable positive effects on cognition and behavior of those with dementia. MCT saturated fats can be seen as an alternative and as a vehicle transporting Omega 3 directly into the brain cells. An optimal source of energy for brain cells.

In addition, meal breaks between dinners and breakfast of about 12 hours are said to provide a chance, supporting the body in cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer and healthier cells. One may call this the cell's own garbage collection with assuring of expelling, of any cell-damaging materials.

Be highly encourage to look deeper into this topic. Become empowered to form your own educated opinion and find your own personal and applicable additions of this information. Learn if what you find out from your research should be applied in your life.

Emotional aspects need also be looked at, such as of old trauma and the rehashing of hurt feelings, unresolved pain and then the big one... Schlepping around any un-forgiveness in your heart, or recurring victimization issues of the past. These are like a bad hick-up with sour after flavor…

YUCK, let go of it already!

Don’t be surprised that all this plays a huge role, not only in our overall well being, but in particular in our mental-well-being.

If you have not noticed, the body and brain are not separated components. Just like the hand, the foot, liver, gallbladder, etc., they are all part of one body, equally!

In short SELF-CARE and regular detoxing on all levels of life or bodies departments is vital! There is no quick fix or shortcut in health and well being.

If that has not been your approach to wellness, you should consider that you possible may have not saved any money or time at all, especially in the long run planning of your life.

One blessing certainty is, that our bodies are designed to be so resilient and ready to absorb and implement into the systems, any good support we offer to any systems immediately. Start a better wellness journey today, for tomorrows health and well being and the LIFE-QUALITY beyond.

We offer support and education at Connective Wellbeing, with substantial potential of unsurpassed measures. Find your state of the art dynamic and well rounded educational programs and wellness boosting services with us today.

We have no doubt that we can have a significant positive impact on your own well being. With knowledge gained and applied by you with diligence, you can have a far reaching and positive ripple effect on your entire family.

For the Family

We recommend that the main caretaker of the family enrolls into our Wellness Success Protocol Programs. This person can then in turn, with knowledge gained, engage and reeducate the entire family.

Knowledge and tools gained will truly self-empower you to take the reins, of your own and your families well being, back into your hands.

Our Personalized Health & Wellness approach addresses as needed systematically all incorporated areas of the Physical - Cognitive - Social - Emotional - Intellectual - Creative - Spiritual aspects within our scope. Supporting our clients to find balanced health and wellness in their life, and as applicable that of their family members.

A process of, Exploration | Goal-Setting | Education | Preparation | Commitment | ActionDetoxing = Household - Pantry - Emotionally - Physically - Lifestyle - Spirituality & Beliefs

Unlocking Personal Potential | Balancing | Restoring Well-being

Whenever our clients are ready, we are ready to team up with them and together renewed we detect, stakeout, support and encourage the elevation of reaching new plateaus in their life's.

In addition we offer an array of helpful, often fun, yet relaxing and moreover engaging Supportive Services. All are tailored to continuously support the de-stressing and detoxing of the nervous system, giving our clients the often much needed boost in activating their bodies own innate healing power to live healthier and happier.

As you are thinking of fortifying yourself with the right tools consider implementing old fashion heirloom whole foods, next to adequate healthy fat intake, regular movement and preferable rhythmical movement, time in nature, enough deep sleep, adequate amounts of clean water, etc.

All are vital and can bring balance to a stressful lifestyle.

The list might seem long, however the fact is that all of us are able and capable to do something about not getting dementia and staying healthy.

You don't have to feel like you are powerlessly waiting and wondering if dementia or a disease will arrive on your doorstep, or that of a loved one.

Clean “house on all departments” and take charge today!

Don't wait till it is too late and by all means take charge over your well being and life today!

Silke De Oca, owner of Connective Wellbeing


Health & Healing

At Connective Wellbeing, we encourage you to always remember, you are indeed designed to be RESILIENT and BOUNCE BACK

Get in contact with us today and learn to pick up the reins of your health and wellbeing and let’s get going with a free consultation TODAY!

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