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Raw Expressions Of Opportunity

From our professional point of view and with what God allowed us to learn over the years.

"We all have inner children that need healing."

Short circuited reactionary behavior due to injury to our nervous system roots here.

Also we can use various methods of healing, we understand bringing our most raw inner fears to Jesus, is key! All healing in the end, comes from God.

Sometimes God uses various ways and methods to lead us there, for our own benefit and also often that of others.

The constant covering of our complex and factual connective needs in a balance continuous matter and approach, is of the utmost importance for health and wellbeing.

That includes freeing us from strongholds and lies of modern living, that we by choice otherwise all too often willingly except and instead the steering towards elementary stewardship of our own body is needed. “Temple Maintenance

If you have children, guardianship, leading with example and the realizing nobody is perfect are best put simple guidelines.

In our work at ConnectiveWellbeing and throughout our professional background we have often seen some of these pure and exposed inner children.

The expression of the eyes suddenly lights up like a "aha moment” and a transparent vulnerability rushes in and spreads over the entire face.

In the rest of the body it can often be observed as non rhythmical movement patterns. An expressed confusion of the nervous system, trying to find ease of movements, that are not fully established.

This can be seen as a pivotal moment.

Negative and in the end detrimental restrictions of the nervous system often become hidden or tapped over time.

Once these restrictions are exposed, the nervous system will intuitively recognize the introduced opportunities of right pathways. The entire body, even with a glimpse of easement, will want further relief of restrictions.

If we can safely support the body allowing with patience time and through gentle natural rhythmical or innate movement capabilities, an unwinding of the restrictions in the nervous systems can take place.

A healthy fear reaction of the body as the expansion into uncharted waters begins, gives way to profound insights of the already established foundational nervous system pathways and also confirms the unfolding of new connections on the verge of being established.

This fear reaction is often associated with expression of frustration, anger, overreactions, etc. The “Terrible Two’s” or “Teenage Irritability” have similar expressed reorganization patterns of the nervous system, a healthy sign of vital “neurological weeding” taking place.

With that said it should be to no surprise if other potential associated and temporary behavior is experience; periods of regression, being babyish, wanting to cling or sit in lap, defiance, protesting, opposing everything, refusing to be active or do movements, depression, sleep challenges, nightmares (a child may express the wish to sleep in the parents bed), tics or even that obsessive-compulsive symptoms can seem to worsen, before improving.

There is often disorganization, before organization can take effect and it can get a bit confusing weeding through the process along the way. Some very temporary physical expression and often not given consideration, could be; coughing up of phlegm, flatulence, diarrhea, skin rashes, itching, bedwetting, fever, colds, swollen eyes, fatigue, tinnitus, headache and muscle weakness.

Nurturing is key and supports through physical and emotional changes.

  • Elevating the balanced quality of daily, weekly, monthly nutrition intake

  • Be nice to yourself and polite to others

  • Take our Balance Me or Far Infrared Therapy Sessions

  • For caretakers of children and /or an elderly person, offer more nurturing in the form of hugs, light gentle massages if tolerable, singing together, etc. Give more loving and firm, healthy balanced guidance. Allow time for predictable adjustments, “…This is what will happen next”.

A healthy, balanced and nurturing attention given here, goes a long way here and shows you care.

The key question in any pivotal moment, for growth to take place and be established:

“Can the body stay relaxed enough, while perceiving a playful, calm and fun environment?”

This is vital in order for in need of support already established foundational pathways to be strengthened and any new healthy brain-body connections with that having a chance to beginning to form and be strengthened.

When ideally this starts to happen, these new vulnerable connections, need further strengthening and support to be fully established.

Think of the child that’s learning to ride a bike. It takes practice, the right environment, maintenance and support.

We all at various degrees, need to learn to stop allowing the abuse to our own body from accruing.

We absolutely need to learn to recognize and apply the tools God provides for us along our own path of life, in order to boost our own innate and God given healing capabilities!

Everything in our life will influence our innate need of growth, if positive or negative and with that our very wellbeing. However a more overall balanced person, will find more harmony, joy and can stay more productive in a positive way.

At the very essence is always at any age, the need at hand of a balanced maturing on all levels.

Our complex beings all the while need always experience, in order to remaining young at heart, a more playful environment.

Hint, if expressed or observed, as does a walk in nature (God’s canvas along with its healthy ultimate sound vibration) always refreshes the entire being.

We don’t care how old you are, if you’re not having fun learning, it’s not going to happen. It would be like stepping on gum and then you can’t get ride of the old unwanted thing...”

If you heard of our services, with no doubt you or someone you know can benefit from them.

We believe God has a plan for each of us, the reason He brought you to read this, with that has purpose.

At ConnectiveWellbeing you will find a nurturing, safe and well rounded environment, in which to unfold and grow to new healthy plateaus of wellness.

Keep playing child of God, because:

“But Jesus called them to Himself, saying [to the apostles], “Allow the children to come to Me, and do not forbid them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Luke 18:16 (AMP version)

Silke De Oca, owner of Connective Wellbeing


Health & Healing

At Connective Wellbeing, we encourage you to always remember, you are indeed designed to be RESILIENT and BOUNCE BACK

Get in contact with us today and learn to pick up the reins of your health and wellbeing and let’s get going with a free consultation TODAY!

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