Sound Vibration

Consider the possibility that the purity of your heart or second ‘brain’ with your own thoughts, brings forth words, then behavior, can cause reactions, certainly emotions and also the forming of emotional ties.

Negative thoughts can have when unattended, a negative spiraling pass and cause unhealthy vibrations in the body.

View them as sound vibrations, that you don’t hear and that could potentially very well affect negatively also the lives of those around you. In short, it is stress to the nervous system and with that, stress to the entire body, inclusive tissue.

It is an underestimated potential of injury to the nervous system.

For example, with a healthy frame on a healthy foundation, an electrical system (or our nervous system…) next to all other systems, will experience little interruption and remain intact.

Meaning any disruption caused by stress in a healthy body should automatically, after a quick scan and evaluation by all systems for possible damages, undergo a healthy overhaul and adjustment that leads to mending and health. This will also require strength and flexibility and the cooperation of all systems working together to their full capacity, to achieve their intended purposes and functions. You could also compare it with a symphony orchestra that in order to be successful in playing together, will always require a healthy foundation to play in harmony!

Look at stress now as an injury to the fascia tissue and the fascia tissue being more of a ‘third brain’, where thoughts can get stuck in the tissue. For example, seemingly “smaller” injuries like being yelled at a lot, or larger injuries like being in an accident.

To the nervous system, that is connected to the entire body and in particular to the adrenalin glands, it means one thing, stress.

Think of the chemical reactions in the body, like the thyroid and hormones that work in close connection with the adrenaline glands.

It might make sense why the tissue, muscles, tendons, etc. start retracting and hardening over time. This of course can potentially cause not only a functional interruption of movement, but of the flow and function of any connective aspect and surrounding areas. Unattended and over time this will not get better.

Each of us is one big complex organism that interacts on a regular bases with others.

Unhealthy foods, lack of healthy oils that your brain in particular needs, environmental aspects, too much rest, not enough rest, consistent over excitement, etc.,…you name it. In the end, unbalanced and any effects not mended, mean one thing to your body. Stress!!!


How is your nervous system (or electrical system…), any fight or flight chest breathing patterns? Rips flared out, pelvic tilted with arched lower back…?

Did you experience any harmony issues / disharmony lately?


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