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 European Integrative Preschool


Discover the new, holistic approach to education...

Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio,
and the traditional Deutscher Kindergarten,
all have their roots directly from Pestalozzi and Fröbel.

"Nature forms the child as an indivisible whole, as a vital organic unity with many sided moral, mental, and physical capacities. Each of these capacities be developed through and by means of the others."

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

“Education consists in leading man, as a thinking intelligent being, growing into self consciousness, to a pure and unsullied, conscious and free representation of the inner law of Divine Unity and in teaching him ways and means thereto.”

Friedrich Fröbel


When we started to teach them about language, before their language development was completed.

The History of Kindergarten (Children’s-Garden)

1746-1827 Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi developed a method of holistic education, which addressed head, heart, and hands.


Friedrich Fröbel, a man with a strong Christian family background, studied under Pestalozzi between 1808-1810. Fröbel felt that Pestalozzi was missing something of importance, the “spiritual mechanism”, stating:  ”Pestalozzi takes man existing only in appearance on earth, but I take man in his eternal being, in his eternal existence.”

Fröbel incorporated 4 basic ideas in his work with children: motor expression, social participation, creativity and free self-expression.


The first Kindergarten was established in Germany in 1837, by Friedrich Fröbel, (USA, Froebel). 

Maria Montessori (Italy), Rudolf Steiner (Austria) and Kurt Hahn (German) all based the development and principals of their educational programs on Friedrich Fröbel's principals and educational philosophies! 


Kindergarten made its “move” to America in 1848 through Margaretha Meyer Schurz, who had studied under Fröbel and immigrated to Watertown, Wisconsin. She founded and operated out of her home, the first Kindergarten in America in 1855. 


Around 1903 things started to change through the influence of Patty Smith Hill. 

In the years that followed thinks went upside down, or you could say got switched. Kindergarten or better Children's Garden, became "Pre-Schooling".  Academia became the main focus, before proper brain-body development was established.


at Connective Wellbeing


Children ages 3-6

Yearly attendance consistent of 9 month per year schedule, with two days per week attendance. 

The class duration is set to be 3 hours and 45 minutes per scheduled day. 

Our Program is a State of the Art complete holistic educational program. Full enrollment will have a significant, dynamic and positive impact on the well-being of your child, that will extend well into the entire family during the first year of enrollment. 

  • Refining and strengthening foundational skills and adequate brain development of each individual child through a fun and playful approach, are always at the forefront of this program.

  • Woven into the program is an experiential and intuitive educational style, that is allowing each child to grow and learn in their own unique capability and at the same time in a safe group setting

  • The Integrative Preschool encompasses with precision tailored and dynamic in-group and one on one lessons, of the best that Connective Wellbeing has to offer

  • Regular reflex and sensory integration support in a zestful group setting

  • Tender support of the forming and establishing of vital and healthy neurological connections, that become important and vital foundational building blogs and strong future skillsets

  • Health & Wellness Passport that is unique to our setting only and truly on the forefront of a cutting edge holistic educational approach, with our incorporated and tailored "Brain-Body Preschool Approach"

  • Connective Wellbeing’s Team collaboration with tailored wellness advice, recommendations and specials offers, and in conjunction of the Health & Wellness Passport 

  • Discounted services from members of Connective Wellbeing’s Team, as available


Learn about our educational priorities, shaping the foundational building blocks of our enrolled students.

 Contact us today 

We are ready for your enrollment for this next school year and are taking preregistrations, determining the size of the space. 



“Imagination is more important than knowledge.

For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,

while imagination embraces the entire world,

and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein



Integrative Preschool Hours

8:30am - 12:15pm

  • Additional Parent Mingle Time

School Year

Mid October - Mid July


Tuition is based on four weeks per month.

  • There are no refunds, credits, or make up classes for missed class sessions.

Monday/Tuesday  or  Wednesday/Thursday

  • 2 day per week /$61.00 per day/child 

  • $488.67 Monthly

  • $150.00 discount / $4,248.00 when payed in full for 9 month

Into Price 

For Children that are not quite ready for the full program and would benefit from visits.

Does not include our Health & Wellness Passport. 

2 Hours per week, $122.00 Monthly ( up to one month )

Down Payment

Down payments will be applied towards enrollment cost and/or tuition.

Partial or Full Payment Options

  • Payment Plans

  • PayPal Credit

(For more information click HERE)

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