What is stress to the body?

Contemplate and ask again…

What is not stressful for the body?

  • Emotional Trauma?

  • Physical Trauma?

  • Spiritual Trauma or Disconnect?

  • Diet?

  • Lifestyle?

  • Neurological & Nervous Sytem Disconnects?

  • Or all imbalances of any sorts?

We have daily choices to make, to not weaken ourselves over time, by overindulging in what in the end then becomes stress for the entire body.

Warning signs like “Leaky Gut” (Inflamed Gut) or “Broken Blood Brain Barrier Syndrome” (Inflamed Brain / Neuroinflammation) are widely spread and all too often ignored.

Vital sensory abilities in order to navigate an ideal personal wellness route successfully, are being diminished in an alarming way and with an ever so socially excepted busyness, most result to “endure”. The price to pay can be steep!

The immune system and with that the entire person starts decaying, as all stress is toxic to the entire body and causes widespread injury