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Your Body is Designed to Heal Itself

We experience little injuries to our nervous system and often unknowingly, all the time.

It is therefore a good thing that the body is designed to heal itself and it does so, in order for us to regenerate as needed.

What’s in the way for the body in maximizing in this process is,

in the end simply just, ourselves!

The body tells or signals us consistently what it needs, in order to heal or stay healthy.

Unfortunately over the past generations much has been lost in our ability to listen to these vital sensory signals and with that in optimizing our own health and wellbeing.

What is becoming less the norm, is our ability to not only listend to our bodies signaling and also what to do then with this information, but in the end the understanding of what is the right solution at the right time in order to aid the bodies innate healing capability.

For many now these days, what used to be one natural and normal function, like when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat, requires them now to really STOP and PAY ATTENTION.

What we need to understand is, that this signaling is a free gift and can be activated and developed again. This is key for our resilience and vitality. Think of it like a muscle that needs to be used, in order to function.

The signaling is in direct relation to our sensory system, that goes hand in hand with our reflex integration and it is vital in building up the nervous system for the entire body and function.

Interoceptive Sense is the sense that helps us to connect our internal state to our emotions. It also allows us to determine adequately if we feel hungry, full, hot, cold or thirsty, need to take a break or use the restroom. Our pliability under consistent artificial stressors and or socially accepted and pushed stressors, can quickly and directly disrupt normal limits of improved tolerance and turn them into fear based feelings.

Fear is in most cases accompanied and expressed also in the form of frustration and anger, through potential provoked anxiety.

Interestingly our first reflex in 5th week in utero, is the Fear Paralysis Reflex.

This Reflex is meant to be used or activated as needed in “life threatening situations” in order to give us extra speed, hight and means of escape, etc.

For many it is now unnecessarily and perpetually active theses days, due to artificially introduced stressors of modern living.

We all have something that we can improve in our lifestyle, to help support our body in optimizing in this task of regenerating successfully.

The question is: What are we doing to support this process?

Some of you might not like what they are about to read and that’s okay.

For others it will be absolutely vital that they do grasp at least a bit of this information, as there is an underlying urgency of change calling their name!

Unless you don’t have a nervous system, this applies to all of us.

Just a few simple questions to ponder on the subject of support here;

What are we thinking?

What do we see as true?

Do we rest and digest enough?

What are we eating?

Is our nutritional intake supportive and aiding the healing and compensating for our consistent need of pushing the body to its limits?

How about the daily dose of chemicals in our life?

Are you still using the typical toxin loaded store shelf dryer sheets, laundry soap and other household cleaners?

You can’t just sit in that “high performance machine” of yours, cracking the whip and yelling “Mush” all the time.

To much of anything has its limits!

Wear & Tear - Balance

Unless you are conditioning for the next;

  • Olympics

  • Marathon

  • Life Threatening Deadline


Take the time to slow down, your adrenal glands need help and so does your nervous system and with that all other systems. They need BALANCE, REST & DIGEST!

You’re just not designed to run like a machine, so stop competing with them, it is in your best interest.

Consider that even the best olympian, masters life with stewardship of strategic, optimized balance. They simply have to, in order to do their job. Their job is to win that next gold metal.

When you look at some of their trainers, you recognize that the olympians best is not the trainers personal best. The trainers job is to analyze the need and pass down the fitting knowledge and know how and not to personally win the Olympics!

If you are lured in by and are following the “hype and pipe” of any industry in your life for a long periods of a time, you are certainly not doing yourself a favor.

This can lead to rapid depletion of your adrenal glands and it can have an adverse undesired effect on your wellbeing.

Any industry has the one intent, to maximize at any fund saving cost!

To them, you are just one of the many helping them to achieve this.

There is nothing personal about it to them…

Industry or better their products, should be helpful to you, not depleting you or your life, in any way, shape or form.

If you are involved with an industry and you are feeling you can’t measure up, keep coming back without results, etc, then consider it is simply by design with a purpose.

You might just have been suckered in, to outdo and compete in great part and by triggering the response of “you are not good enough, you have to try harder” or “it, is not enough”.

For the industries, you were never meant to outdo them in the first place.

Liberation starts with slowing down and reflecting.

Strategic lifestyle change happens over time, one step at a time. Remember it’s not a sprint.

Truly, Interoception has an important influence on many aspects of life. This includes vital self-regulation abilities that are in direct link of maintaining positive mental health.

As mentioned above, our reflex and sensory integration go hand-in-hand and they are movement based for establishing and optimizing brain-body connectivity and function.

The boosting of sensory and reflex integration and needed maintenance support, should therefore be an important focus.

This means not only to young learners, but to anyone despite their age or abilities, as we never stop to develop or learn.

There are no discrimination aspects, when it comes to the developmental needs of the individual. It is with no exception always a truly individual intricate need, that needs to be adequately supported through a personalized approach, verses an industrialized “one shoe fits all”.

Start today, it is not too late to maximize with your personal best in mind.

If you’ll mess up, big deal… Try again! After all we all get to practice fine-tuning and balancing our lifestyle choices for the rest of our life’s.

There is no guilting or shaming in missing the mark, simply “get up, brush off and keep going”.

Remember you are deigned to be RESILIENT and BOUNCE BACK.

What does not move is dead and if you can blink an eye, there is still hope of improvement!


Fun Fact

Embryology - Central Nervous System (CNS)

The Central Nervous System encompasses 3 foundational layers and you could say, out of these all evolved.

A - Ectoderm

The initial start of the Central Nervous System, with 2 parts.

1. Surface Ectoderm

Epidermis, Nails, Hair

2. Neural Ectoderm

Neural Tube, Neural Crest - The Brain, Spinal Cord, Peripheral Nerves

B - Endoderm

Lining of the Gastrointestinal and Respiratory Systems

Abdominal Organs (Like - Liver, Pancreas, and Bladder)

C - Mesoderm

The 3 parts;

1. Paraxial Mesoderm

Somites - Axial Skeleton (Vertebrae, Sacrum, Coccyx, Ribs, and Sternum)

Dermis / Below the Epidermis (Containing Blood Capillaries, Nerve Endings, Sweat Glands, Hair Follicles, Other Structures)


2. Intermediate Mesoderm

Gonads (Testis / Ovaries), Urogenital System or Genitourinary System (Excretion and Reproductive Structures - Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder, Urethra)

3. Lateral Plate Mesoderm

Parietal Mesoderm and Visceral Mesoderm - Limb Skeleton, Muscular Wall of the Gut Tube


  • Embryology, Central Nervous System

by Mohamed Elshazzly; Michael J. Lopez; Vamsi Reddy; Omar Caban

  • “Your Gut Brain, Neuron Circuit” by Emily Underwood, in Science

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