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Losing those excess pounds, is it all about willpower?

As we get older our bodies experience lots of changes and these can be challenging at times to navigate.

Stress is on the top of the list of reasons for unwanted weight gain, as everything always leads back to stress.

How do we deal with stress and what are stressors to our body actually in the first place?

There are many questions involved when it comes to analyzing and understanding not only what these potential stressors are, but also comprehending their complexities and their far reaching impact on our life quality.

At Connective Wellbeing we offer an extensive assessment to evaluate and get to the root of the many possibilities. Freeing you of accumulated stressors and their effects on your health and well being, is vital for your longevity.

We partner with you, as you become your own health detective in your life and support you on your personal discovery journey, that can rejuvenate all your bodies systems.

Simple, systematic and strategic lifestyle changes, is just one of our Personalized Wellness Consults approach, aiding you in optimizing your personal Brain-Body connectivity and function.

Our Approach is comprehensive, from maximizing on detoxing all your body systems and lifestyle, neonatal reflex integration work, holistic body work, tailored to your needs resources, and more.

We also make available and not only to our clients, supportive services via our website, that have the potential of kickstarting to maximize, the health and wellness of anyone using them.

Lab work through reliable and third party professional services is one of them and when it comes to understanding where your weight gain stems from, testing can be absolute key!

What we really like about this particular lab service, is that it comes with an education for the individual user of this service. Understanding your own lab work and also what you can do to positively help improve your health and wellness, is priceless.

Get the right understanding on how just the right labs, can help Weight Loss & Optimal Metabolism and start with your personal discovery journey, of reversing your unwanted weight with us today!

Silke De Oca, owner of Connective Wellbeing


Health & Healing

At Connective Wellbeing, we encourage you to always remember, you are indeed designed to be RESILIENT and BOUNCE BACK

Get in contact with us today and learn to pick up the reins of your health and wellbeing and let’s get going with a free consultation TODAY!

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